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Monday, August 5th, 2013



As seen in a vocal corner of Fandom earlier today (Warning, contains SHOUTING, SWEARS, SELF-HUMILIATION and is probably not what your boss might want to hear you tuning in to at work) 

Kids, stay above this line…


Happy Birthday Christopher Lee!

Monday, May 28th, 2012

Cushing was in it twice, but the series never managed to bag Dr Saruman Scaramouche Summerisle Acula in its ranks and, let’s face it, probably won’t now.
Ninety screams for you, Sir. From Doctor Who’s best.

Mel screams

Seven, Eighty-Nine…

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

Hard to believe that there was a time when Sylvester McCoy could jump on a stage with Sophie Aldred in tow, thump out a version of the series tune on spoons (accompanied by some very late Eighties synth), and Do No Wrong

You try telling the kids these days with their Doctor Who Experiences, their Red Nose Day special ‘canon’ sketches and their endless character options and they just wouldn’t give you the credit.

New Model Daleks Revealed!

Monday, January 31st, 2011

Day of the Daleks DVD Special trailer

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

Well, it’s certainly ambitious…

Great music, voices sound cool. An ABBA lyric? Ending with the Pert firing a gun? Hmm…

Hai! Octane Anime

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009


Now, sensible bloggers would now be putting links on their pages to the new Torchwood trailer and inviting commentary, opinion and fact-correcting from all and sundry. But that stuff’s too easy – things explode, Jack kisses Yentl, there’s something magical happenning with the kids and Peter bloody Capaldi is weaving his brilliance in another genre show. It’s possible that there’s something here to watch (although The Guardian’s Carrie Dunn seems pretty balanced on that note).

No. Go and find your Torchwood trailer elsewhere. We’ve looked on the forums and, my god, the sqee-ing…

Much more interesting is this on You Tube – How To make a Proper Doctor Who Anime. No, wait – it’s actually okay! In fact, bits of it are brilliant – Al should love it, aikido you not (arf!). Alright, the anime style is not for everyone, but where likenesses have been based on yer actual cast members and there’s stompy full on Cyb vs Dalek action and the action is fluid and there’s some very good storyboarding going on – well, it’s worth your time.

Fan animations are still something of a bete noir in some circles these days – even the fan-made Web of Fear ‘trailer’ copped some rather uncharitable comments from quarters that have traditionally looked more fondly at restoration attempts. But if either of these examples can make a convincing argument, it surely must be that for the foreseeable time the future of animated restoration lies in truly imaginative 2D, and not 3D.

Your thoughts?

Who Tube

Saturday, October 11th, 2008



Your bumbling correspondant is aware that over the last few weeks he’s promised this and that to those of them what he knows, in the form of YouTube videos. This evening he hit upon an idea – instead of emailing the links, why not just post them? Genius. He’ll go far, that one. But before he does go too far, here are some of the links to start things off – fee free to add your own in the Comments section. Hell, feel free to comment, even.

For Al: We’ve all seen the great Star Wars Titles as done by Saul Bass clip. Excellent stuff. But how about the Dr Who titles done in the style of Hustle? Nice!

For Dave: Courtesy of Jamas, here’s the Daddy of all them Existential Questions put about by the cast of Doctor Who over the years. No McGann, sadly, but I bet the actor himself may have well asked the same question at the time, y’know, in his head. While acting.

For my beloved Candy- I mean, for Al again, here’s a fan-made (no, wait! Come back!) video about the Time War. Oh sit down. You’ll be fine if you don’t click on any of his other ones.

You want sophistication? Too bad.

And finally from me, Only Fools and Horses improves Arc of Infinity no end.

How about you? Watcha got?

Carry on Screening

Saturday, June 21st, 2008



Its a quiet weekend, and while the next editorial takes shape in the drafts section of this blog, here are some old YouTube clips to while away the hours. Nothing new to see here, so you may want to move on…

1. History’s bogeyman reacts to the Torchwood finale. (and the series 2 premiere)

2. Torchwool – infinitely superior to the original. (the Primeval one isn’t bad either)

3. Because it’s now impossible to diminish its effect any more, an alternative take on Rose’s original departure.

4. Dalek on a rollercoaster (for Jono).

There you go. Feel free to post your latest finds below…


Flight of the Darned

Wednesday, December 12th, 2007

Not content with his triumph earlier this year with a unique spin on the Five Doctors, Farmergeddon is back with another loving impaling of the Davison Era.

Farmageddon Flight