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Tuesday, June 16th, 2009



There’s been a whole lotta’ buzzin’ on forums over the past few months about the who / where / how’s of the final two-parter special. Mainly who. Which has now been answered in a stunningly spoilerific way.


CLICK HERE to see what would have to be one of the biggest spoiler photos to leak since… well… the last one (and before everyone gets up in arms i.e. the Sec / squid reveal a few years back, we are now officially warning you that this is a BIGGIE!).


If you decide to take the plunge, read on below in inviso-text:


Well…. talk about plot spillage! Dalton is looking more like Michael Gough by the day! And by coincidence (unless he’s being cast as Hedin?) the costume he’s wearing looks a little familiar… Simm seems to be reprising a look from a previous part.



Looks like it’s building to quite the climax… Are we finally going to see Gallifrey ret-conned back into existance as foretold by the Zeus Blog team not once but twice! And by Al both times if I recall… Mr Hughes, you might finally be right!



Yikes – it’s Bill Sykes!

Thursday, June 11th, 2009














So, last week we went to Oliver!. Many cherubic angels singing in the workhouse… so that’s where they got them from for The Next Doctor. I surprised they didn’t break out in Christmas song when being herded along by the Cybermen.


A flight of fancy, especially as it all works out for little Oliver in the end (awwwwww).


A few Who luminaries are performing to full magnificence – funny man Rowan ‘Fatal Death’ Atkinson, Julian ‘Richard Count Scarlioni Lionheart’, Julian ‘new Davros’ Bleach. However, when Fagin mentions Bill Sykes, something suddenly pops in my head…I’m sure I’ve heard that somewhere before…some comment on a previous Zeus Blog post?


Ah, yes, it IS him. Burn Gorman strides onto the stage as the nasty Bill. It appears that he has bulked up a bit, or perhaps it is suit padding, however he does have a damn nice haircut. Bad burglar Bill flogs some pretty shiny things off to Fagin and then leaves while I whisper to my partner “that’s Owen from Torchwood”. Alas, Sha didn’t realise despite sitting next to him for the previously mentioned haircut.


In the second half, Burn gets his single solo musical outing with My Name and while visually rousing, is not the best showcase of his talents. With his singing voice not being a highpoint, you only really notice it when he sings with others later on. Compare and contrast people, compare and contrast.


At curtain call, he was the only person to be booed, but this was for him being a bad bad man (poor Nancy), not a bad singer (he admits as much on one of the videos on the Oliver! website). Bill had a great death scene too – falling off a chimney certainly beats being drowned in nuclear reactor coolant.


In other news…


Doctor Who Discount 1 – Seems no one wants Lazlo! Poor Lazlo. His Character Options figure has been reduced to 99p at Forbidden Planet. I guess pig faced humans aren’t as popular with the kids as they used to be. Or maybe it’s the swine flu?


slitminibustDoctor Who Discount 2 – It’s not just Lazlo who is getting the short shrift. At nearby Modelzone, mini busts of Jabe (ooh err) and a Slitheen have been reduced from £40 to £10. Even poor mister Cyberman has been reduced, but only to £20. Your stock will be DELETED.


Doctor Who Discount 3tardiset – Ever wanted to build your own TARDIS? Well, now you can. The Airfix TARDIS model has been reduced from £25 to £10 and even comes with the paint, brushes AND glue. But wait, there’s more – it also includes electronic lighting and sound effects. Just remember kids – it’s a lot more embarrassing to go hospital with a TARDIS stuck to your nose than a model aeroplane. (Actually, either would be embarrassing).


DWM Special 200 Golden Moments – I can’t find this anywhere. Have tried four book stores with good magazine selections and even Forbidden Planet doesn’t have it. Who stole all the issues? Very mysterious indeed.


With all the discounts going on over here, it seems that it really is a case of ‘Who Will Buy’!


Fast Return May 2009

Monday, June 1st, 2009


And so the Scottish Invasion of Doctor Who continues. And we approve, even if we know a little less about Karen Gillan than some of her predecessors. It might be no bad thing – after PiperTategate fandomia didn’t exactly distinguish itself with good behaviour based on preconceived notions. Mind you, we knew so very little about Freema, didn’t we? But so long as Karen doesn’t have to film a scene where a fish drowns she should be fine.

A surprisingly muted farewell last week with the last of the Tenth Doctor’s scenes having been shot (bar the odd pick-up post production – still time for another “Whatwhatwhat” Russell!) And so a dignified, muted that’s yer lot – au revoir, Doctor, it’s been fab!

Except to say that there was also that special segment he shot for John Barrowman’s dreadful variety show.  Nothing wrong wiv dat, Sylv did it for the kids, and Jon made a post-telly career out of it. All the best, David.

Coming later this year of course is Dreamland, the new animated Who special, featuring David Tennant as the Doctor. Well, these are tough times and the money will be handy whilst one is in LA perusing the Hollywood dailies, right?  

A Doctor Who movie rumoured to be in the works, scripted by RTD and starring David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor? Cheese and crackers, man – run for your life! Did Eccleston teach you nothing?

Hmm. If latest rumours are to be believed then the Rose’s return might not be that gratuitous. As you were, everyone.

Amidst the local excitement of Toby Hadoke’s award-winning Clayton Hickman impression came related news that during the performer’s own ‘wilderness years’ his hunger for old school (i.e. not yet released) Who was fed by, shall we say, buccaneers of the south seas in Australia and NZ fandom. Cribbins! Can you imagine the tripe he must have got from here then? Nth generation copies of something so ridden with dropouts and static it resembled little more than a blur in a smudge factory. I wonder if he ever met Chr*s M*****y?

Thanks guys, that sort of news completes our day every bloody single time you post it.

In fact we hear they’re going for a song on Ebay these days. Right, Jono?

and finally…

You know, we have been cads when it comes to fan message boards, linking to the ridiculous and sometimes pathetic for a cheap laugh. As if we know any better. But message boards and fora are, largely, homes for the most drossful waste of time and bandwidth in christendom; wretched isles upon whose shores are daily swept tides of frippery, bile and squee.

But the recent and untimely passing of Clinton Spencer, observed with sensitivity and some sentiment recently on the NZDWFC Message Board provided an opportunity to see such devices work well, perhaps even fill the function for which they were originally intended. With a (likely) end of year date of the next TSV being probably too late to mark a notable fan’s passing (although a suggested obituary would still in our minds be wholly appropriate) the immediacy of these online communal spaces provides the perfect space for coming together and, well, sharing. We’ve said this numerous times, but fandom is community first and foremost, and despite being for the least happy of reasons, it was good to see local fan media being used for the best as well.

All the best, everyone.