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Dear Tosh…

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

Ooh. Spoilers. (more…)

Message to my Girls

Tuesday, January 1st, 2008

Dear Martha

We were sorry to hear you’d gone so soon. Truth be told, you’d really grown on us. There wasn’t that much to disapprove of – you’re independent, funny, spirited, very easy on the eye, and you had that endearing way of bringnig that very cool theme tune around with you when you appeared – that was excellent. You were everythign a companion is exected to be. But now you’ve left him, to look after a family that – let’s be honest, doesn’t owe you too many favours. And you left in such a strange fashion (mind you, you should have seen what happened right after you exited those doors. Phew). Twelve stories, some brilliant, some pedestrian. A year playing John the Baptist to a shrivelled Tweety Bird in a wire cage – none of us saw that coming. And then he let you leave. He hardly gave you a chance, did he?

But you did well – very well, indeed, despite the circumstances. Jack liked you too, and you got a quick snog in during that episode about the sentient sun – nice work! So farewell then, for the mean-time. We’ll be sure to look out for you in Torchwood. Speaking of which, pack some disinfectant and don’t let Owen near you – you may have fancied your last workmate, but they do things very differently in Cardiff.

Above all, take care. We’ll see you later in the year

Your loyal followers.

Dear Donna

How are you? We met briefly last Christmas, but you might not remember us that well – there was an awful lot of shouting going on at the time. We hear you’re to be the Doctor’s new companion soon? Well dnoe!

Normally we’d offer you some tips towards being a Doctor Who companion, but we’ve a feeling you’ve got a pretty good handle on that already. And maybe you’re ignoring the rest? Vive la difference, as they say in France. France, dear – it’s that big bit southwest of Germany. In Europe.

So then – thanks to the tabs and paps we think we might have a few ideas as to what you may be in store for this year. Good luck! There’ll be some challenges in store for you, if we think we’ve got your persona right. Challenges indeed – classical history, crime literature – that’s a bit broad and deep for a Heat reader perhaps, but we know you’ll rise to the challenge. Then there’s likely to be Daleks at some stage, Sontarans for sure, and who knows – maybe some other classic’ monsters and baddies toutted to pop by before the gap year arrives. From at least one redhead to another, we’re rooting for you – especially if you can keep that Time Lord of yours on the straight and narrow. Do your best – the last one was dogged by some inexcusable mooching about the one that got away(ish) in 2005. Stand your ground – and if you play your cards right we think you could be a real breath of fresh air.

Most of all, ignore the moaners, love. Do your best. He may say he’s not a ‘second chances’ guy, but we know different, and what sort of fans would we be if we didn’t give you a second chance as well?

All the best,
Your fans