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Kroton and on and on!

Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

Release the Kroton!

The Krotons is one of my [JE’s] favourite stories of all time, and that alone means it should be released on DVD (although that’s not likely for any time soon, given the current focus on completing seasons). There are some great performances in this story by all the actors, Philip Madoc makes an appearance, and Wendy Padbury avoids flashing her knickers is a rare moment of modesty.

And there are the Krotons themselves. Whilst not mentioned as often as the Quarks, they still get mocked by the fans, and yet their costumes are rather good… at least the top half, the lower half are just pants… or rather, a bad cardboard skirt, but still. They are a rather unique enemy in Doctor Who, being largely crystal based, and have managed to set themselves up quite the society.

On the features side, aside from the usual talking heads, this is obviously a perfect point for (another) Robert Holmes documentary, as this is his first story and all. (And maybe an anti-documentary on incidental music?) Another possibility for a decent chance at doing something different, this story was a replacement for the supposed leaving story for Jamie, Dick Sharples’ The Prison in Space, so could develop that into a feature, maybe even a reading (the story summary has been given in DWM), perhaps even read by Frazer Hines? Alternatively, a look at the unmade Robert Holmes story Aliens in the Blood.

Image of the Fendahl

Tuesday, November 6th, 2007

Release Fendahl!

Image of the Fendahl is one of my [JE's] favourite stories of all time, and that alone means it should be released on DVD. This story is really about atmosphere and builds and delivers this in spades. From the hitchhiker opening, the glowing skull and the creeping terror of the Fendahl, this story could send anyone behind the sofa.

Unfortunately this story is let down by the eye-makeup they put on Wanda Ventham, but other than that there are some great effects (the Fendahl themselves) and some great performances (who can forget Daphne Heard’s ‘that bain’t no way to make fruitcake!’). Striking a terrific balance between horror and comedic touches, this story is a classic even among the Williams oeuvre. 

For this release, I’d be happy with a vanilla edition. If they were stretching, they could do a feature on how to make the Fendahl, a make-up examination of Thea/Fendahl Core, or maybe an exciting look at the Doctor’s scarf (which was changed for this episode, despite some later stories being made earlier with the original scarf)!

The Curse of Peladon

Tuesday, April 17th, 2007


Poor Pertwee has taken a bit of a beating in recent years. Perhaps it is the Earthbound nature of the stories, or the repetition of UNIT or the Master, or maybe it’s just the lisp and the hair.

But amongst all this The Curse of Peladonis a bit of an oddball, not only for the season, or the Pertwee Era, but for Doctor Who as a whole. It is a political adventure, years before the likes of

Babylon 5, where a group of aliens gather together and try and sort out issues between them. Oh, there is action and adventure and daring-do, but it is basically murder mystery and a story of courtly intrigue. It’s period drama, and that is always what the BBC has done well. In fact, take away the colour and this studio bound, flambeaux lit adventure looks more like an 60’s historical adventure, than any of Pertwee’s other forays offworld. And as a result it has dated less.

Curse of Peladon is four episodes worth of good script and characterisation, on an alien world that is very well realised, with monsters who’s motivations are far more modern than there costumes, and tells a story that thoughtful without being preachy.

As for extra features, I’m not sure if there really is much to add, in fact it is an ideal candidate for the new stripped down, modestly extra-ed, near vanilla releases, although I’d love to see David Troughton sat down in front of a camera and asked about his recollections of his father and his time on the series. They could even push the boat out and do a joint release with the Doctor’s other adventure to Peladon, but the joy of this first story will be at the expense of it’s more bulky and unwieldy (more traditional) second.