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Now, sensible bloggers would now be putting links on their pages to the new Torchwood trailer and inviting commentary, opinion and fact-correcting from all and sundry. But that stuff’s too easy – things explode, Jack kisses Yentl, there’s something magical happenning with the kids and Peter bloody Capaldi is weaving his brilliance in another genre show. It’s possible that there’s something here to watch (although The Guardian’s Carrie Dunn seems pretty balanced on that note).

No. Go and find your Torchwood trailer elsewhere. We’ve looked on the forums and, my god, the sqee-ing…

Much more interesting is this on You Tube – How To make a Proper Doctor Who Anime. No, wait – it’s actually okay! In fact, bits of it are brilliant – Al should love it, aikido you not (arf!). Alright, the anime style is not for everyone, but where likenesses have been based on yer actual cast members and there’s stompy full on Cyb vs Dalek action and the action is fluid and there’s some very good storyboarding going on – well, it’s worth your time.

Fan animations are still something of a bete noir in some circles these days – even the fan-madeĀ Web of Fear ‘trailer’ copped some rather uncharitable comments from quarters that have traditionally looked more fondly at restoration attempts. But if either of these examples can make a convincing argument, it surely must be that for the foreseeable time the future of animated restoration lies in truly imaginative 2D, and not 3D.

Your thoughts?

3 Responses to “Hai! Octane Anime”

  1. rtpeditor Says:

    Quite enjoyed the anime stuff. Always though that the series could work quite well in that medium.

  2. Alden Says:

    Wow, I really dug that. Especially the Cybermen.

  3. Foo Says:

    That Web of Fear clip was quite cool – first time I had seen it.

    Manga Who – wow, that was brilliant. I’m not really a fan of manga, but that was really something. I wonder if we would ever see an end result? It must take forever to do that work, especially since you really a need a time working on it to make happen. Fantastic all the same.

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