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Your bumbling correspondant is aware that over the last few weeks he’s promised this and that to those of them what he knows, in the form of YouTube videos. This evening he hit upon an idea – instead of emailing the links, why not just post them? Genius. He’ll go far, that one. But before he does go too far, here are some of the links to start things off – fee free to add your own in the Comments section. Hell, feel free to comment, even.

For Al: We’ve all seen the great Star Wars Titles as done by Saul Bass clip. Excellent stuff. But how about the Dr Who titles done in the style of Hustle? Nice!

For Dave: Courtesy of Jamas, here’s the Daddy of all them Existential Questions put about by the cast of Doctor Who over the years. No McGann, sadly, but I bet the actor himself may have well asked the same question at the time, y’know, in his head. While acting.

For my beloved Candy- I mean, for Al again, here’s a fan-made (no, wait! Come back!) video about the Time War. Oh sit down. You’ll be fine if you don’t click on any of his other ones.

You want sophistication? Too bad.

And finally from me, Only Fools and Horses improves Arc of Infinity no end.

How about you? Watcha got?

7 Responses to “Who Tube”

  1. the_other_dave Says:

    Oooh, Love the Hustle titles, and Only Fools and Horses was rather nifty

    Did anyone lese notice the pedigree of the “what are you doing here one”?

    As for what I’ve got…. it’s not Doctor Who but:


    or: How to easily bypass 2 & 1/2 films.

    No? I’ll get my coat.

  2. Peter A Says:

    Dave, you mean who’s 40th Birthday it was for? Why yes, I did!

  3. Paul Scoones Says:

    The “What are you doing here” video was composed by Andrew Liddell, a very nice guy I’ve met at a couple of Fitzroy pub meets. He originally assembled it in 2005 for Warwick but has subsequently updated it to include later episodes.

  4. Peter A Says:

    So here I am having spent a typical Wednesday night marvelling at how one of the cast of Big Bang Theory looks like a taller version of one of the Wellington Daves when the end credits and vanity card roll up. Holy crap, how have I been missing this for so long?


  5. the_other_dave Says:

    I don’t follow? Missed the vanity cards?

    Although while on a utube theme:


  6. Peter A Says:

    Missed the fact that they’re different every time! The website appears to have every one. That’s a lot of ramble.

    Oh Dave, I knew you’d put that up. I just knew…

  7. the_other_dave Says:

    Ah, sorry my bad – I had suspected they were different, but didn’t realise they were so convieniently laid out somewhere – I was just wondering if there was something Who specific in there somewhere and I’d missed it.

    As for the other post – great great band, funky show (then again, I liked Spooks: Code 9). Dave – proud to be predictable since… well you know when.

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