The Remains of the Davies


I don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but it’s just that we’ve seen it all before, it’s like a retread of RTD’s greatest hits.Old companions and faces come back – been in every finale since Mickey turned to the camera in Army of Ghosts .A Dalek finds its humanity: the Dalek in Dalek , and Sec (which really starts to weaken them as a master-race of villians, and who was it that complained that Terry Nation forgot Daleks had emotions and an animal nature in Destiny – Rusty I’m looking at you.) Ohhh, and by the way if it was all Caan’s brilliant idea to end the Daleks WHY BOTHER SAVING DAVROS IN THE FIRST PLACE?! Sure you can rationalise the answer, but if you have to explain it outside of the show…?Villain miraculously escapes from the Time War, turns up with a masterplan/Invasion – every episode 13 since 2005.

Companion absorbs Time Lord/TARDIS powers to become a powerful new creature - well, Rose again – and if you consider what happened to the Doctor in Last of the Time Lords ….

Then there is the whole ‘companion is going to "die"’ palaver set up episodes in advance, which ends up being a euphemism for "being left in the care of her family where the Doctor can never reach her again". Doomsday .

Doctor is left "alone again… naturally".

False regeneration, aging to Dobby-ness

The Osterhagen Key, is just Martha’s gun from last year (like the warp star, and the Doctor’s gun this year) and when you think about it, the Doctor’s jury-rigged pulse weapon from Parting of the Ways (Hmmm, pulse weapon thinks RTD – must use that one again). A pointless blind alley. Good thing no-one used it during the year long Toclafane invasion "last year" – you know the one, where Martha kept the hope of humanity alive by walking the Earth for a year, yes the same Martha who was ready to blow it up.

Even the good things about the episode, Davros (hopelessly underused really) decrying the Doctor for turning his friends into weapons was almost a blink and you’ll miss it reference – and had been previously and more effectively used by Donna in The Sontaran Stratagem . It’s another rewrite of the "better way of living your life" thing that was so elegantly put forward in Rose , and themed and built up during that season.

The only good things about it are that bloody hand is gone and hopefully Rose and various other bits of baggage are out of the picture.  There is just so much in there the whole episode feels like edited highlights of a much bigger, much more interesting story with all the bits that would give what we see substance and weight cut out of it.  And I do wonder if the last episode would’ve been more powerful, more unexpected, and more meaningful if they did something different for a change…
Like have the last episode be something small-scale, like Midnight . And have Donna be the one to go out the airlock at the end.


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  1. Timb Says:

    Okay David , how would you have written the series ending and made better use of Davros?! :P

  2. Foo Says:

    Yes, it felt like things were piled on pretty thick. Some much crammed into such a small space and I preferred episode 12. I can understand why RTD did what he did though – if you had nurtured the show over the last 5-6 years (from the initial planning stages) to now, you would want to tie up a lot of threads and go out with a bang.

    It’s also very interesting that RTD has said he won’t be writing any further episodes going into series 5. I would have thought he would have done at least one or two episodes. Will be interesting to see where things head next year and beyond.

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