Fast Return – June 2008

July already? That’s crazy talk. Here at ZeusBlog Terraces the passage of time and the changes it brings are not unknown to us. Jono has left the building, series 4 and Torchwood: The Puberty Year are mere days away ‘free for the first time’ as TVNZ is fond of saying (whatever that means), and things just tick along. We marked them, as usual, so you could reads them later. And so…

Wash ever sho much made about the shtate of a Who alumnush’ teeth than in the return of the Piper? Well, some of us recall vague comments from US fans about the number of fillings young Davison showed during Caves of Androzani, but we can’t all have dental plans and a bewildering electoral system. And surely those gags about British teeth are as old as… well, the JN-T Era at least?

Speaking of products of the Davison years…

Now this might be true or it might not be true. We’ll leave the serious factfinding to the celebrity bloggers (that’s people who blog about celebrities, not, y’know..) on Stuff and t’Herald and the like. Regardless, is it us or does it make this picture seem all the more – awkward?

Al tells this story best:

“A certain Wellington-based designer and frequenter of this Blog was elated to find himself in the position to create a Doctor Who cover for a national publication.  Not TSV, but the Dominion Post’s TV Week supplement – the front of which has proudly displayed Who‘s NZ premiers for the last three years in a row.So, having beaten off more senior designers for the privilege, he awaited the inevitable Dave and Kylie pic with eager anticipation.

But when the file arrived it was revealed instead to be a shot from local ‘comedy drama’ Burying Brian starring Shane Cortese! So rather than creating the best TV Week Who cover ever, he’s now jinxed the programme’s perfect cover rate.”

The Doctor! Donna! Her from Call-Girl! Captain Jack! Harriet Jones! Martha Jones! Gwento Jones! Dempsey! Those kids and the Briscoes Lady! More drum beats than a Cadbury’s dairy milk ad! Trailers, eh? Back in the days of paper fandom it was said that whole comic routines from Red Dwarf could be constructed out of the dozens of slogan t-shitrs that were merchandised off the programme. We’re not there yet, but what Who fandom does have made for them, as well as by them is… trailers! Everywhere! Well, obiously not so ‘everywhere’ if you happento live outside the UK and can’t access those parts of the official site, but you can find them easily enough, and more, on the Tube of You. Official trailers, spoof trailers, fan-trailers (some with the unmistakable features of the late Michael Wisher wheeling menacingly through Dalek corridors, bless ‘em). At this rate, and if you can take a little Emo soundtrack-adding, play your cards right and you might never need to watch a complete episode off the telly again.

But fandom isn’t always a happy little town as some- say, a fan animator, will tell you. Fresh from the Guardian‘s well-intended and quite interesting look-in on the world of lost episode restoration post-Invasion there’s… well, a lot of bitching really. Put to footage of some of the said attempts at resurrecting Power and Evil of the Daleks with dayglo TARDIS crewmembers seemingly bumping and grinding their way through classic Who dialogue. The fact that the Guardian obviously haven’t been able to use the original broadcast audio and have instead opted for a musical soundtrack doesn’t help. Oh, but well done guys. Keep it up!

So he saw the Housemartins before they split up, did he? Does that mean that- gasp – the Doctor created Fatboy Slim?!

Bloody newcomers! Don’t ask us to explain it, it’s complicated.


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