Looking Back, Looking Forward


It’s all over bar the squeeing (and probably not a small amount of screaming). We have roughly four Doc-less months before the as-yet-unnamed Christmas special reaches UK televisions, and shortly thereafter, the torrents, probably. in the mena-time it’s as good a time as any to be pausing for breath and taking stock.

Over on the Doctor Who Forum they’re busy assessing the 2008 series and pointing fingers debating the dynamics of Moff and RTD’s influence over where the programme will go from here.

‘Mad’ Lawrence Miles offers some very good and reliably opinionated analysis, plus his 25 suggestions for future Who. The side-bar mathematics is strangely convincing, too.

And over on Kasterborous there’s RTD whistling a merry tune as he strikes matches over the good bridge Fandom. Or perhaps it’s just for the ‘Ming-Mongs’.

So, plenty to talk about, and lots doing it. Excellent. Meanwhile on this side of the world, the terrestrials among us are just now tuning into series 4 and Torchwood 1. Good luck everybody!

MIchele Hewitson’s NZ Herald review of ‘Voyage’ is here, already linked to over at NZDWFCMB.

And Wellington blogger Poneke offers his ten cents on the new series and its influence (outing himself as more than a casual watcher in the process), and the scheduling of Torchwood. Discussion ensues  -hi Morgue!.

Read. Enjoy. Join in!


3 Responses to “Looking Back, Looking Forward”

  1. Foo Says:

    Wow, just dawned on me (well sort of) that this Christmas will be the first episode of Who I watch ‘live’ and in the UK. Then again, where I will be staying has an oldish TV but they do have a projector hooked into computer so perhaps it will be just like here.

  2. Timb Says:

    Hey Foo, can you hook a brother up when you’re in the UK ;)

  3. Foo Says:

    Hmmm, not sure if that will be possible. I understand the mail service can be quite slow! :)

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