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Top 10 US Series 3 Edits

Thursday, April 17th, 2008

Due to some unallowed content , the commentary for the episode The Last of the Time Lords was removed for the US Series Three box set. This is well known, this wasn’t the only change. And so, we present the Top 10 changes for the US Series Three Box Set.

  1. Freema Agyeman was digitally replaced with Jessica Simpson, as the American audience expects companion actresses to be a) blonde (to a degree) and b) have had a failed singing career.

  2. Gridlock now takes place in the Holland Tunnel and is “based on real events”.

  3. The Beatles question in 42 has been replaced with a British group the Americans do know: The Spice Girls.

  4. There is an extra features praising the US for getting involved in the War in Iraq and everything they do is wonderful, and please don’t bomb the UK next.

  5. There is an alternative Angle option on the two Daleks Take Manhattan episodes which feature waving American Flags in Every Single Shot! Just like in every US show!

  6. Just so no-one feels like they are missing out (no viewer left behind!), whenever Mr Saxon is mentioned, there is a ten second pause, and scrolling text that reads “This is an important arc-plot point! Mr Saxon will be revealed to be the Master, who shows up at the end of the series!”

  7. There is an extra commentary on Blink assuring American watchers that yes, it is possible to have TV this decent.

  8. [Reference to “guns in schools” feature removed due to sudden attack of taste.]

  9. There is an hour long documentary about how the British term is Series and the American term is Season. Guest presenter: Adam McGechan.

  10. And, of course, the US Box Set doesn’t feature the ten hours of intro scenes and logos everyone else has to suffer through.


Top ten other arcs

Monday, October 1st, 2007


[Since this will probably be the last time I post to Zeus Blog... ever... JE]

There have been many arcs in the new series, such as “Bad Wolf” and “Gallifrey”, but these are obvious. Some of the more subtle ones may havce escaped your notice, but not mine.

  1. Key as badge of honour. Only two people other than the Doctor end up with a TARDIS key, so this is clearly a mark of the special people in the show. Not even Jack got one. And I didn’t see Rose or Martha give them back, so if they ever meet they can show each other they’re in the “Key Club”.
  2. Bananas. High in potassium and good for you. A point well made, and made often.
  3. Ordinary people are special. It’s all about the little people and their little lives. And about how they are the ones that make the Doctor do what he does. ‘Cos they’re special.
  4. Outer Space doesn’t exist. Nope, it doesn’t. Earth is all there is and all there ever will be. If it ain’t Earth, it ain’t it.
  5. Survivor’s guilt. Lots of it, held by the Doctor. He’s the “Last of the Time Lords”, which he lets define him.
  6. Don’t make the Doctor angry. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry. Yeah, he’s going to win anyway, but when he’s angry, he really wins!
  7. Redemption is everything. Especially if you’re human. There’s always a chance to suddenly say “whoops!”…and then die.
  8. Martha’s a doctor. No, really. I know, I know, it’s a “blink and you’ll miss it” moment, but it’s there. I think.
  9. The Doctor’s sorry. He doesn’t like doing the things he has to do, he doesn’t like it other people have to pay the price. But that doesn’t stop him.
  10. Rose is the bestest companionest of them all! It’s a subtle one, easily overlooked, but if you read between the lines carefully, it’s there. Usually one reference per episode, especially after she left.