The Family Jewels, part two

crystalballcapitolWe are, I think, in an envious position at this point in time for being a fan base granted the indulgence of looking wistfully into the future not only for Torchwood but also (if you insist) Sarah Jane Smith and Kidz or whatever it’s called and even K-9 and Kidz too for those that might be interested in that sort of thing. These spin-offs aside however, the main attraction in Who fandom’s stargazing must be the core series itself. 2010 has the be the most anticipated year for Doctor Who since 2005, a phrase which looks as absurd as it reads, but you get my drift. Next year we will have the most complete turnaround in personnel in six years, including a new TARDIS crew, Executive Producer, Producer and possibly composer to boot. It’s the end of the Gold-en Era, you might say. The show has already been primed for HDTV, but to address any concerns we have a new TARDIS prop and, we’re told, new insides as well. Less extrinsically the show may have a new ‘feel’ being the beginning of the post-RTD, Moffat Age. What that could mean varies widely – my impression of what we’re likely to see in the new series will differ from yours, his, hers, theirs and so on. The concensus is that we’re in safe hands, but it won’t be business as usual. The Moff has revealed little (and good on him), and despite the odd spoiler photo we’ve not much to go on. So what would you like to see in year one of the Matt Smith tenure (besides a strong case for there being a year two and so forth, obviously)? And what do you expect to see?

Here are some quotes to start the ball rolling:

[On returning friends and monsters]

“We’re not in the business of being nostalgic, we’re making nostalgia for the future, new monsters, new friends.”

[On who the show is aimed at]

Doctor Who is at its best when it’s brand new and you’ve always got to remember that there’s a new bunch of eight-year-olds watching every year and it has to be original – it has to belong to them.”

[and once more with feeling:]

“…fundamentally, the absolute paradigm of Doctor Who stories is — right from the TARDIS — is that everything you see is brand new. I always think there should be more new stuff than old stuff in Doctor Who. “

It’s the usual deal – likes, wants, expectations on your behalf. But has fandom’s collective and varied anticipation ever been so imperilled?

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  1. Thad Ritchards Says:

    These quotes make me interested in what will be left out. Will we no longer have… if we dare to ask… no more Daleks? Or Cybermen? I doubt Moffat will go that extreme, but I can see them being more relaxed. (I was about to say ‘none in the new year one’, but they might just because it is a new series and they need some sense of ‘this is Doctor Who’ which equates to ‘Daleks’.

    What about arcs? The line “making nostalgia” could imply that there will be more recurring new things, but as an arc? I don’t think Doctor Who needs it, but are the NuWho audience unable to do without? I hope Moffat is able to think more highly of them than Rusty did.

    Ultimately, what do I want? Damn good stories! I don’t have a wishlist, except for that one demand.

  2. Peter A Says:

    I’m with him, but would like to see Ice Warriors.

    Everything else I’m happy to be led by. It may be that budgets and shooting restrictions limit options on, say, historical pieces or full-on Rutan tooting space war scenes, but I reckon we can count on Moffat to be clever at least, and that might mean judicious use of current resources and not blowng the kitty on a guest star or something.

    I’m rambling.

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