Sliding Bores


It’s pretty clear that NuWho seems to be forming a pattern with how the stories run, and this year’s Doctorless episode, while receiving good reviews elsewhere, just really seemed like “more of the same”… even bringing Rose back couldn’t save the episode from just feeling like we had seen it all before, and I’m not talking about the Sliding Doors parallel worlds, or V for Vendetta (more the comic than the movie) fascist UK, or the Firefly space-aged Chinese culture, or even the insidious bugs on your back from Babylon 5 (although 10 years older they still looked so much better), but in NuWho and all its recent tie-ins themselves.

There’s a history changing Trickster in Sarah Jane, a memory meddler in recent Torchwood.  Even the concept of looking at established Who mythology through more mundane eyes was done by RTD in Love and Monsters.  A militaristic alternative Earth – Rise of the Cybermen.  That also covers the dead TARDIS, though the red warning lights, solders patrolling the ravaged streets and a lost year as the world goes to custard hark back to Last of the Time Lords; Martha had to walk the Earth, Donna had to jog four blocks, both had contend with alt.universe.familyissues.retcon, (though Rose had to contend with that on her sideways trip as well).

OK lets talk about Rose, the apprentice has become the Master, she’s got the Time Machine, UNIT backup (wouldn’t it have been great if Angela Bruce had done a cameo, Bambera recalled in a time of crisis), the alien tech, the otherworldly knowledge, she’s even regenerated with bigger teeth…  But we had River Song last week pretty much pulling off the same trick (sans teeth).  In fact it is another common theme in nuWho – all the ladies are special.  But as Jamas notes, even though this is Donna’s story, this time they seem to be laying it on a bit thick.



And then we have the sacrifice (another nuWho meme).  Not only Donna, but also the Torchwood and SJS crews are all dead Dave, dead Dave, they are all dead!  And in rather secondhand, throwaway ways.  Is it really for dramatic impact, a shorthand cheat to up the ante in one of the most gloomy episodes ever, or simply a way of reminding us that they all exist… just in case they all happen to show up next week?





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