The Sting in the Tail

This is a very silly story.  Unapologetically and unashamedly so.  After a season of drama and miss-paced adventures, to have something that is perfectly set and pitched, (even if is a slightly daft parody riddled with inaccuracies) is wonderful.  This has to be one of my favourite stories of the season to date, which makes the fact I have very little to say about it rather hard.  The cast shine, and the dialogue sparkles.  It’s the best giant bug ever in the series (although the competition is a bit manky).

Body count seems relatively low (and I don’t remember the reason for the second murder being explained outside of Confidential, or worked out why Agatha was linked to the Vespiform when Felicity Kendal was wearing the stone).  The denunciation is remarkably early in the piece, however the show isn’t meant to have the pace of a murder mystery, but a mickey-take of a murder mystery (I kept expecting the Two Ronnies to turn up with the Phantom Raspberry Blower, although the poisoning scene was pinched from the equally silly Prisoner adventure The Girl Who was Death).


Wouldn’t want to have more than one story like this in a season, but all in all, great fun. 


Next Time:  Someone is murdered in the Library… hang on?



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