Ice Warrior


Helen Raynor delivers a smashing script that demonstrates the changes brought to season 2 Torchwood. Although there is still no sign of the humour of the first episode (perhaps when Captain John comes back), but we are treated to a far more mature team of Torchwood crew than we ever saw in season 1. In particular, this is a Toshiko episode, and she has grown up a lot since Greeks Bearing Gifts. This is something we have definitely needed. As yet, we can’t tell is Owen has developed that much (he certainly seems more adult, but I’m waiting for the inevitable Owen-centric episode), but there is plenty to see for Tosh. Jack comes across as rather harsh to her (especially considering the more usual ‘soft-touch’ approach), but I like that. Jack is being the team-leader, and these are the kind of hard decisions a leader should be making. This could easily lead to the team fracturing, but hopefully this more mature grouping will recognise (and I do think Tosh did acknowledge, if not like, Jack’s reasons) as a necessity.

Helen Raynor (and, frankly, I might be inclined to see Evolution of the Daleks in Manhattan as a hideous, hideous aberration) also treats us to early Torchwood, with two incredibly English characters of George and Harriet. Fine, we only see them briefly (and at first I thought of them as local Ghost Hunters, although quickly realised they were Torchwood), but they do come across as more competent that our own Torchwood team. It’ll be nice to explore the wider Torchwood universe (and, yes, there is still that missing Torchwood haunting fan-obsessers’ dreams), so wouldn’t turn down another chance to see that pair in action (although I don’t think we could manage another Torchwood spin-off).

But not everything can be about the characters (although even the Declassified is forced to talk about the characters and not rave on about the effects for the entire episode), so we must look at the plot sometime. What there is of it keeps moving along (although I notice that only Gwen gets the “scary ghost” moments, have to pick on some woman, I suppose, and Tosh is otherwise occupied), but there are a few deus ex machina plot elements dropped clunkily into the episode. The rift manipulator springs immediately to mind (I hope Torchwood retrieved that!), and Owen’s fridge makes a second appearance this season as the hold-all of useful items. Considering all the alien-tech Torchwood has (and already has proven prone to using this season despite earlier protestations), must it all come down to the blood? Is this some extended metaphor for bringing the team together or just a sign of co-incidental plotting? Time will tell (ObQuote: it always does).

Three episodes down, and only one forgettable episode so far. Torchwood is off to a good start, although we have yet to see real evidence of a lighter atmosphere. Still, as they say, keep watching the skis!


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  1. Peter A Says:

    Heh. If there was ever an episode to put “toshwood” on the logo…

  2. the_other_dave Says:

    Is it just me, or does Tosh look stoned in that picture?

    Where do you get your lovelly pictures anyway _ I though we couldn’t get online content from the Torchwood site as we are non- uk residents (bah humbug)

  3. Peter A Says:

    That non-UK thing really sucks, and I can’t understand why they don’t see an international opportunity for exposure being compromised by some stupid domestic licensing arrangement.


    It’s just a matter of looking a little farther nito the intertubes. Week 1′s came from the US Torchwood site (whihc hasn’t been updated in a while), week 2 came from Behind the Sofa or similar, week 3 (I think) is from planetzogblog, and week 4 may be from SciFiNow or similar. They’re just promo images, but I’m glad you like ‘em!

  4. Foo Says:

    Well, just watched this episode and have to say I quite enjoyed it. Definitely one of the better episodes out there…maybe in the top 3 or 4. As Jamas mentions, not completely perfect but if the rest of series 2 can continue like this I think a third series will definitely be on the cards.

  5. Timb Says:

    Woot – I can log in!

    Okay so I enjoyed this one a lot more than the first two episodes, good to see some consistant direction/character development. Though have to say I’m missing the emotional uneveness from S1 – its like they’ve pared it back so much that everyone is almost too bland, a little conflict can be a good thing…

    I agree Foo, I think Torchwood can justify a third series maybe in the coming Who gap years…

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