September still screaming


[Since the editors can't stop me! - JE]

Since September isn’t over yet, this is Fast Return – Return Faster!

This just in: the Shalka is making its bid for freedom! Mount Ruapehu, famed in song and jerky internet video, has just erupted, and everyone is talking about it! (At least, I’m overhearing the occasional comment at work.)

Now, while we can’t be positive that this really is the birth pangs of an alien entity, I think we still all still move to a certain English village and see if any bar maids need help…

2 Responses to “September still screaming”

  1. Paul Scoones Says:

    If it’s a speedy return, does that make you a small prophet…?

  2. jpreddle Says:

    Jamas isn’t that small, and I doubt you’d profit from him. Much.

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