Because Foos go to Stage plays too…







Well, I went to Little Shop of Horrors (the musical)…

…on Saturday for the Matinee performance.

littleshopposterA certain Mr McCoy was Mushnick (the flower shop owner) and was simply brilliant. Who would have thought the champion ferret in pants record holder could sing as well! At the end of the performance, the voice of the plant came out onto stage and lo’ it was Morvin Van Hoff (Foon’s husband) from Voyage of the Damned.

Actually, the original cast had Sheridan Smith as Audrey, but this time it was someone different (Claire Buckfield). Of course, after googling her, turns out she has been in three Doctor Who audios. I think everyone in theatre has been in Doctor Who or an audio at some point in time.

Anyway, all up, a fantastic performance and Sylv really looks good for his age.


3 Responses to “Because Foos go to Stage plays too…”

  1. Thad Ritchards Says:

    (Is it wrong that when I first saw the word McCoy, I thought of Karl Urban?)

  2. Peter A Says:

    Yes, yes it is.

  3. Foo Says:

    This is Foo Discovers, not Bones Discovers (but then my name ain’t Bones)

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