The Family Jewels, part one


Okay, changes on a large scale took place over the course of Children of Earth and the Torchwood Cardiff we all knew and loved/dreaded and heckled is quite the different beast. Different line-up, different organisation, and most likely a different base. As you have probably guessed, I’m keeping things vague here so nobody’s spoiled, but for those of you who have seen the story and are in the know, what do YOU think the future of Torchwood is, given the enormous ratings success that it had and the potential for the series to continue?

There’s the immediate issue of what to do now – 2010 sees Eve Myles starting a family and John Barrowman’s dance card full, so that’s two core cast members unavailable for filming ’til 2011 at least. Time for a spin-off? Should the production team dare to bring in new team members to meet the regulars later? Or could the NEW Torchwood audience be satisfied with a step back in time to anoher team, perhaps one we’ve already seen (George and Harriet? The ones Queen Victoria would refuse to believe existed?). Is it time to go to Scottish Torchwood and meet Archie?

Should we dare a rest for the show after such a tremendous build-up?

Yours suggestions and predictions are, as ever, welcome!


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  1. Paul Scoones Says:

    Keeping things vague so no-one’s spoiled is laudable, but it does make it nigh on impossible to have a meaningful discussion about the future of Torchwood. I suspect that most if not all Zeus Blogians will have caught up with the new episodes by now.

    Has John Barrowman actually stated that he’s unavailable until 2011? I’ve a feeling that we’ll be seeing him back sooner than that. As for Torchwood though…

    Well, they say it’s always best to go out on a high, and that’s certainly what we got.

  2. Peter A Says:

    Oh no – by all means spoil away down here after the jump, that’s fine!

    I’m going by generally ‘informed knowledge’ (Kasterborous) that JB is a bit tied up for the foreseeable. But like you (as I infer at least!), I wouldnt put it past him to be in this year’s DW finale.

    Do I also infer from you that you believe the series has come to a likely end? A shame if so – and this time last year I don’t think I’d have said that!

  3. Thad Ritchards Says:

    How I would do the next season:

    Another five or ten part arc thing, but each episode/two episodes is in a different era of Torchwood, starting with the denied pair, then George/Harriet, etc., until we reintroduce the new Torchwood Cardiff team, which might be new people who at the very end meet up with Gwen and/or Jack to lead into the next season.

    (Yes, I said ‘season’ instead of ‘series’. Ooh, how naughty of me!)

  4. Jono Says:

    Given how successful the 5-part arc went, then definitely another one of those next year.

    I like the idea of other Torchwood bases getting their own series (though are there any left?) – kind of reminds me of CSI Miami / NY / Las Vegas.

  5. Peter A Says:

    There’s Torchwood Two in Glasgow, home of the aforementioned ‘Archie’ (they missed a trick not naming him Hamlet and tying him in with NA continuity. Maybe), and Torchwood Four which is ‘missing’. There’s plenty there – a miniseries could be made based on one of those (I’m thinking Four) alone.

    But I’d be just as happy to see George and Harriet again (George was so cool with his moustache and gadget!) or the ladies who couldn’t possibly exist in Victoria’s time.

    Hmm. There’s a point – did anyone think to look for Torchwood Four on Lesvos?

  6. rtpeditor Says:

    Why can’t we have spin-off of something different to replace it? Perhaps one based around UNIT?

    Having a “something Four” missing sounds very Babylon 5-like and the missing “Babylon 4″ station.

  7. Peter A Says:

    How about… Torchwood versus UNIT miniseries?

    Or verboten Victorian Torchwood, obviously.

  8. the_other_dave Says:

    Hmmm, I’ve only just got round to finishing it off tonight.

    Two things:

    1, Obviously Myfanwy has got a busy year ahead of her organising a new team.

    2, The whole Victoria/”ladies who shall not be named” thing I believe is a myth, and like Welsh Blue, triplepoint of water and Bill and Ben Bathtime farts is one of the few things QI got wrong. (I have an old L&L here somewhere with a copy of a thumbnail of Sappho done by Victoria), I tried to google supporting evidence but all I seem to get is articles about “banksy”.

    3, I could make further predictions (though I think we’ve all seen the probablility of Jack turning up again in a couple of months), but I would remind the blogger about a (half-joking) suggestion I made over the phone the last TW crystal ball was out there, that if the show really wanted to inject adult drama they should forget all the curing and fornicating and start killing kids. I’m sure someone is bugging me :)

  9. Thad Ritchards Says:

    Re Vicky, I already linked to an article discussing it when it first came up, back in Fragments.

  10. jpreddle Says:

    Spooks has survived seven series with a change of cast every year, so there’s no reason why Torchwood can’t.

  11. the_other_dave Says:

    OK, serious answer this time.

    I see no reason why we couldn’t have most of the next season without the two “core” Torchwood regulars, in fact I would suggest that if the series is to survive as an ongoing concern, being able to do without Gwen and Jack is a neccessity. They could pop up for continuity (more on tha later), but really the show must go on. That said, we also need to consider:

    1, Torchwood as an entity itself needs a revamp. I’ve never quite bought into the happy-go lucky Cardiff crowd as an extension of the Hartman regime (especially with there prime target numero uno landing on to of the Hub to refuel on a couple of occasions). Their systems have been hacked years ago by the home office. Cardiff is abuzz with talk about them (and at the start of season two you get the impression they may be a bit of a local joke). If CoE brought anything to home, it’s how much better a bit of covert politics and bite can add to an intelligent adult drama.

    2, The hub is gone, and while we could retcon something about the Rift tempoarily stabilizing as a result of the explosion allowing time for a team/office rebuild, has the old base got too much baggage/history? Do we want an open ended roving unit (then again there may be advantages to set costs etc…)

    3, We have the bare bones of a team waiting in the wings already. Not wanting to sound like a total blowhard (but plugging RTP all the way) I’ve pitched a few of these already. 1, Paramilitary lady – I’d originally pitched it the Master’s blonde, but CoE’s Johnson could do just as well, 2, Older, more cynical but focused character (I’d originally plumbed for either Mrs Moore (RotC) or Professor Docherty – but CoE’s Mr Dekker could do the trick, and add enough nasty bite to replace Owen). 3, PC Andy – just because, like Gwen he could be the practical, down to earth, moral compass for the group.
    I was really impressed with Alice Carter actress (kept on reminding me of Susan Foremen for some reason), but while it would be great to see more of her, I’m not sure how the character would gell into the group – conflict is good, but she may have been pushed too far. Lois Habiba is obviously being groomed as a potential replacement, but to me the character seems to reflect the ametureism which bugged me about Jack’s team.
    And finally you need the glue, the person who holds it all together. Jack did this, mostly on charisma. I was working up a season idea for RTP which hinged on a new character, Mr Dee called in from an old Torchwood cell (see next item) with an interesting history to tell.

    4, The radio shows suggest that there used to me Torchwood offices scattered arround the empire, hence it is feasible that while they aren’t active the contacts are still there. Consider an NZ base – closed after a brief flurry of activity in the 1980s. Could be like Judges of the world.

    5, Jack needs to be rested. Character has been through the wringer. That said, a radio or comic series/interlude (where the imagination has a limitless effects budget) about his search for redemption finding the eleven may be interesting

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