Fast Return – June 2009



We’re back! And so is Gwen. Welcome back Gwen.

Oh look – it’s the Karkus! (yes Al, he’s still dead)
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Moving on…

Very exciting news that The War Games will soon be upon us in deca-episodic VidFired kickassity. The extras for the DVD look rather good too, although they missed this rather interesting episode. And a cameo by the Minister of Chance, as well. Nice work!

It’s been said that the new series lives on the old Deus Ex machina, and that a reliance on it is lazy writing. Who said that? Where? Why, these people – here, though there’s a rather nifty article all about it you’d be best to read yourself. It has graphs! Also nice work.

After the lather of excitedment following last TSV‘s release and a living-up to the promise of a Dick Mills exclusive proved elusive, it’s up now. Nice work. But why the delay?

Is anyone else worried that Jon might actually be pushing the future further forward with his predictions?

Ooh that Dom Post! Hark at how the squee squad get their backs up after a poor review to a frankly rather flat and dry story (that’s you,Planet of Flies>). Surely the choice of alien cannon fodder was a giveaway to the script’s quality? Nevertomind, bad views make good press, and if electronic newspapers these days live and die by ‘blog’ comments (a clue: they don’t), then… oh look over there! Is Doctor Who Losing It? We ask our panel of experts…

Amy #19 04:18 pm Jun 03 2009
Its definatly not Doctor Who who’s losing it, its the writers! (Who, no offence, thankfully is leaving.) I being, a young yet die-hard Who fan (I know EVERYTHING about the new series 2005 onwards… :D )
[None taken by that writers, I'm sure. Everything since 2005 eh? Wow - continue!]

Amy #20 04:21 pm Jun 03 2009
Oh and next episode is called “Waters On Mars”, it has the four knocks and also something to do with Darkness. Kinda like in Torchwood series 2. Looks uber good though!
[Don't stop, Amy - tell us more about this 'Waters on Mars'! And yes, bring back The Darkness, we miss their ironic faux-glam rock posturings]

Ngat #13 02:32 pm Jun 03 2009
Doctor Who hasnt been good sincethe eighties! The newer generations of doctors have been crap!

[Adam, is that you?]

chris #24 05:36 pm Jun 03 2009
I believe it is the borg that say ‘resistance is futile’ not the daleks, I think they generally say ‘exterminate, exterminate’, you might as well have quoted ‘danger will robinson’ for all the sense you make and I am not even a trekkie
[Good to know. And the Master said "Resistance is Futile" first in The Deadly Assassin, as Amy will tell you.]

Aidan #29 10:37 pm Jun 03 2009
Tennant is great, well……
[Thanks for coming!]


Heh. Those internets, eh? Winston Churchill apparently said that a lie gets halfway around the world before the truth gets its trousers on (he never said what the truth was doing sans-pants though). He certainly saw us coming, what with ‘news’ ‘reported’ (Ctrl+C followed by Ctrl+V for those of you playing at home) from the Sun and then all points outward about this year’s Comic Relief Special featuring ALL SURVIVING DOCTORS EVAR! Cue ill-informed drooling fan speculation over the droolingly ill-researched ‘story’. Now, that’s what I call mucus.

Hmmmm me tinks me needs to brush up on me Dr. who’s Who Posted by: dbest1ok on Tue Jun 23 05:55PM
Ooh you might have to join the back of a long media queue first, Mr best1ok.]

If they are going for 11 doctors they might as well go the whole way and include the “doctor Donna” and the doctors Daughter? Posted by: roy_a_clarke on Tue Jun 23 11:20PM

[Yes, I don't think that would be a step too far at all. Do you think Carole Ann Ford is free in November?]

11 Doctors in 15 Minutes = Plot Conjestion to the point of Gridlock. Posted by: mondas66 on Wed Jun 24 12:48AM

[Hey - some of us liked the Macra returning, thankyou very much!]i loved david tennant as doctor who he was the best why did he have to leave . amber knutsen aged 11 Posted by: hebditch75 on Wed Jun 24 01:55PM

[Er, because she was too young? You've lost me there.]

Absolutely brilliant!!. I have been a fan since it’s inception when I used to hide behind the sofa or a cushion over my face.. Posted by: suewilkes48 on Wed Jun 24 09:39AM

And speaking of a cushion over one’s face, it’s time to leave the internet well alone and get some fresh air. Cheerio one and all!

11 Responses to “Fast Return – June 2009”

  1. jpreddle Says:

    I’ve heard a rumour (on the net, so it must be true) that the Doctor will be naked…. so there won’t be a costume. As for Karen Gillan, she’ll be covered from head to foot in a period costume…

  2. Peter A Says:

    Oddly, I’d as sooner believe that that the Eleven Doctors thing :)

  3. Paul Scoones Says:

    Kolour Karkus!! Mein Got!

    Was he always gween*, or is this the new Zombie Herr K?

    Inquiring minds (and comic historians) need to know.

    * (c) T. Dicks

  4. Peter A Says:

    That’s a jolly good question Paul and I’m glad you asked!

    It’d be in keeping for the Zombie Karkus to be green (and don’t think I haven’t considered doing a zombieverse Erato story!), but this story, like the earlier RTP one-off ‘Enter the Simian’ is a ‘while he was alive’ story. There might be one or two to come yet as I ‘clear the decks’, so to speak.

    Back to that colour though, I think Peter Ling’s novelisation of The Mind Robber colours him in gween and purple. And vewwy surpwised I was to wead that at the time!

  5. Paul Scoones Says:

    You’re right! He is green in the novelisation.

    I’ve always thought of Herr K as black and white.

  6. the_other_dave Says:

    Wow, go away for a few days…

    Is it just me, or has my change to firefox done something funny with the font at the start of this FP?

    Re: The Special “K” I can’t believe I was onto the second page before I got this one… Thankfully face down Wellingtown don’t seem so grey ;)
    Given the QI answer to one of the questions, does that mean that the GI is also to be voice by the Minister for Chance as well. (If the shoe fits?)

    As for the green – I always thought more lime than Lincoln. Oh well, ooh and thants to Foo for pointing out the other Overthinking it – Lost, in the television section.

  7. Thad Ritchards Says:

    Looks like some funky html code going on there. And the [comments] at the end look badly aligned too. Have fun fixing that Peter!

  8. Al Says:

    If Mr Karkus was dead his name would be spelt with a ‘C’ – and why has that nice lady from ‘the one with Charles Dickens in it’ got no clothes on?
    A nice grab bag of goodies as usual Peter, and wonderful to see Herr K in colour. Is it true that this story was also made on location in a cottage hospital, and on film rather than videotape?
    Lastly, Deus ex machinas happen all the time – you’ll see for yourself when you wake up under a partially wrecked double decker bus, next time you slag Planet of the Dead off.

  9. Paul Scoones Says:

    ‘Deus ex machina’, at least among fans, would appear to translate as: ‘I didn’t like the ending’…

  10. Foo Says:

    That overthinking it article on Lost got me sidetracked from reading the Doctor Who one.

    Great to see the Karkus back too.

    Oh, and will every Fast Return post have a picture of a scantily clad Doctor Who or Torchwood lass from now on?

  11. Peter A Says:

    @ Thad – whimper…

    @ Al – according to my wife’s Glamour magazine, Ms Myles disrobed for a good cause, the Helen Bamber Foundation, though the above shot is from her website and doesn’t appear to mention this.

    @ Paul – I LOLed :) But look what you made Jamas go and do.

    @ Foo – might have to see about that. I have a reputation to preserve after all.

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