Impatient to see ‘Ice’, it came to him…


Tragedy at Zeus Blog Terraces. ‘Parapangi’s Rose’ felled in home accident.

If reader/s of Zeus Blog thought things were slow to hit their plasma screens and pub laptops lately, then this weekend’s news will be harder yet to bear. Peter A, sometime logosmith, blogger and ‘zine botherer was the victim of ‘freak localised weather conditions’ at 5:45am Saturday morning when he slipped on a layer of frost on his back deck and broke his arm.  Although it was not his ‘creative’ arm affected, Adamson’s knowledge that the left side of his body is controlled by the ‘artistic’ right hemisphere of his brain has sent shockwaves of guilt through that portion of his already taxed and pre-Windows Vista cerebrum, and a general strike of all creative functions is currently in force throughout his entire nervous system. In good news for motorists, he is also out of action for driving for the next month.

A compulsive doodler and long-time acolyte, this has been a desperate blow to Adamson.

On the other hand (as it were), the blog will probably not be so vague and rambling for a considerable amount of time.   Over to you, Jono…

6 Responses to “Impatient to see ‘Ice’, it came to him…”

  1. rtpeditor Says:

    You poor thing, you. I take it this means that “Cydonia” is delayed once more … :)

  2. Paul Scoones Says:

    Very sorry to hear about your accident Peter. Hope you’re on the mend.

  3. Foo Says:

    Wow, I’m sorry to hear this. I hope you heal quickly – if only you had the constituion of an Alzarian. Frosts can be dangerous!

  4. Alden Says:


  5. Peter A Says:

    Thanks for the sympathetic comments, guys!

    I’m at home today and resting. Have a lot more mobility in my arm than I did over the weekend, which is a good thing, but apparently you are supposed to keep these things immobile or it all heals weird and you end up with a C3PO/Gumby arm.

    Alex – Cydonia was well underway anyway, so don’t panic!

  6. Zeus Blog » Blog Archive » Lumbar of the Beast Says:

    [...] even a year on from an arm-breaking effort in his own back yard, Peter A has upped the ante with a weekend accident on a friend’s trampoline, landing with [...]

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