There’s been a whole lotta’ buzzin’ on forums over the past few months about the who / where / how’s of the final two-parter special. Mainly who. Which has now been answered in a stunningly spoilerific way.


CLICK HERE to see what would have to be one of the biggest spoiler photos to leak since… well… the last one (and before everyone gets up in arms i.e. the Sec / squid reveal a few years back, we are now officially warning you that this is a BIGGIE!).


If you decide to take the plunge, read on below in inviso-text:


Well…. talk about plot spillage! Dalton is looking more like Michael Gough by the day! And by coincidence (unless he’s being cast as Hedin?) the costume he’s wearing looks a little familiar… Simm seems to be reprising a look from a previous part.



Looks like it’s building to quite the climax… Are we finally going to see Gallifrey ret-conned back into existance as foretold by the Zeus Blog team not once but twice! And by Al both times if I recall… Mr Hughes, you might finally be right!




  1. the_other_dave Says:

    Being the first to complain about percieved spoilers, I should be the first to thank you for your spoiler warnings this time. (It must be huge) I have to admit I’m itching with curiousity, but… must… resist.

    Anyway cheers again.

  2. Jono Says:

    Yeah it’s a weird one this one… It’s a real biggie but it doesn’t exactly give away the ending. It’s more about what will occur during the final two-parter.

    I think the main thing about this spoiler is the way it’s just turned up on the web. I can’t remember anything being this blatant before (including all the set photos from the past 4 series). Anyone?

  3. Thad Ritchards Says:

    Not that surprised really… more like I expected it. Not so much ‘spoilers’ as ‘confirmation of the obvious’…

  4. Al Says:

    I’m surprised!
    And I’d be even more surprised if I’m right… brace yourself instead for Dalton Flashbacks/holograms/deluded guest star with delusions of being Time Lord…

    But I hope not!

  5. Foo Says:

    Well, I knew that both of those actors were going to be in the finale. TD from something reported either in a paper over here or on the BBC website. The other person – well, I just knew. Actually, I think it came from an on set report on Outpost Gallifrey a few months ago. Have tried to avoid too many spoilers but sometimes you just read stuff and you “can’t un-fry things Jerri”.

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