From Bard to Verse


Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Yeah, alright.

Our second story is a tale quite fair
To satisfy Jon Preddle’s wishes yet
As our heroes journey to meet Shakespeare
And duly help him out with his Hamlet

But this is not the play our tale concerns
Love’s Labours Won instead is the subject
And through the episode’s chicanes and turns
The Doctor strives its performance to eject

Martha is also active in the plot
Aiding the Doctor in defeating witches
She casts her own spell on the Bard so hot
To find the means to get into her britches

As story two’s always historical
Tis odd to see some magic in the mix
The power of words is metaphorical
And so the Doctor’s wise to these same tricks

But I foresee a rocky road ahead
A TARDIS friendship surely to be vexed
As Martha and the Doctor share a bed
He clumsily compares her to the ex

But still the visuals do please the eye
Elizabethan London looked a treat
With lovingly attended CGI
To outshine any 1980s feat

The nation’s history teachers will rejoice
To see such visual dedication here
And as a certain sexy theory’s voiced
Numerous scholars may well punch the air

Though it’s no Stoppard I’ll not make a fuss
There’s wit and wisdom evident in score
To such a balance guaranteeing thus
That Roberts will be back for Season Four.


5 Responses to “From Bard to Verse”

  1. the_other_dave Says:

    A wiity verse that notes so much
    Of this adventure’s toos and frows
    With fan opinion divided such
    That it’s brilliant, or that it blows.

  2. the_other_dave Says:


    A good review, and not adverse
    (although a fortnight belated)
    In a witty and stylish verse,
    that will be endlessly emulated.

  3. Peter A Says:

    Fella, your scansion is painful
    To the point I suggest you seek gainful
    Employment as catcher
    Of rats, or dispatcher
    And I’m buggered if I can make this last line work.

  4. the_other_dave Says:

    …” because you smell of cheese?”

  5. Peter A Says:

    That’ll do :)

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