Burn Notice!


You hear a lot about Smith in the new series. Doctor John (both of them we guess), Sarah Jane, Mickey, Mister – it’s a regular Smith City. Also Joneses – the whole fandamily of them. Noone ever mentions the Browns, and that among a few other things is what’s wrong with NuWho, because if you neglect the Browns you miss out on the great stuff our new cub reporter in the UK, Stu ‘Foo’ Brown sends us. A cut above yer actual Metro article and Chiswick zeppelin, that boy Foo knows how to rock the party. Viz this scoop:

 ”So, my partner is out having a haircut at a salon in London, just around the corner from Forbidden Planet. I get a text message saying “You are going to be so jealous” followed by “I’m sitting next to Owen”. Owen who? Ohhh, THAT Owen. I ask her to get his autograph with the text “You ducking joking. Ask for an autograph. Please. And say that he was my fav”.

Half an hour later, text received “It all done” and lo, I am the proud holder of an autograph (no hair though).


It also turns out the stylist’s wife does the hair of Tosh. A case of hair together, die together? I’ll let you know if I manage to get Naoko Mori’s autograph!”

He signs his name “Blu”? Who knew?

Foo has sent us more great stuff which we’ll post soon!

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  1. Jono Says:

    Hey… that Dalek balloon was quite the scoop! (not quite up there with autographs from Bill Sykes, but anyway….).

  2. Peter A Says:

    Come on, man, you and I know that balloon has been coasting on someone else’s good name for long enough. You need to let that thing go before it gets out of control and starts demanding its own reality TV series or something.

  3. Foo Says:

    And because I am a shameless self promoter, I have just posted my Doctor Who Earl’s Court exhibition experience of 2008 on my blog.

    You can read the scoop here: http://foofoonz.blogspot.com/2009/05/doctor-who-exhibition-at-earls-court.html

    Feel free to post comments :-)

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