Don’t Blame Me! Blame RTD!

Don’t scroll to the post after this one if you’re wanting to remain spoiler free. (In fact, don’t even read this one!)

One week old, and already Zeus Blog is in hot water for publishing a major spoiler for the upcoming Daleks In Manhattan episode. It wasn’t our intention to create a furore so early on (that was going to be saved for next month), and our sincere apologies to whoever got their Episode 4 spoilt in our rush to get a quick joke online!

In our defense, it was pretty hard to miss. Apart from being all over the official website, thumbnails sprung up across the net before you had time to say ‘where’s its nose?’. Pity the poor ‘spoiler-free by choice’ folk in the UK who have to see it every time they go into a WH Smiths.

You have to ask – what were they thinking?! The publication of an upcoming monster on the front of the Radio Times is nothing new, but to give away the cliffhanger from an upcoming two-parter a week before the episode airs is pretty out of the box. There’s publicity and then there’s ‘spoil the ending’ publicity, which seems to go against what the production team have been trying to achieve this season, with their ‘wall of silence’ pact.

But maybe it’s just us fans once again getting precious about the little things when, in the scheme of things, it’s probably an excellent move on RTD’s part to get the public interested again, even if he himself seemed to think that he’s ruined the ending a little…

Oh and we promise not to spoil anything ever again. Not even the return of the Master.


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  1. Thad Ritchards Says:

    The main foot shooting has usually been the “Next Week” trailer. People tried to shoot RTD’s foot at the end of “Aliens of London”, saying “We know the Doctor survives! That ruins everything!” Well, duh!

    I think the worse one was the “Next Week” trailer at the end of “Boom Town”. Yes, they wanted to promote the Daleks so people would watch, but it made watching “Bad Wolf” entirely redundant. (Which, admittedly, isn’t necessarily a bad thing.) The second half of that episode is all about “Who is behind it all?” and that was revealed last week!

    Promotion versus spoiler. For me, I take the simple view of avoiding both (I’m a guaranteed viewer anyway).

  2. Peter A Says:

    I think Thad’s point that we as fans are essentially ‘locked in’ is a valid one, and one which explains a fair amount of fan behaviour online and otherwise. It seems to form a good deal of answers (both consciously and unconsciously) to the usual question of ‘why do you still watch it when you find it disappointing/immature/poorly-conceived/inconsistent et cetera?’

    For most of us it got us young and it got us hard. Perhaps that compulsion itself drives the other compulsion that some fans can’t resist – having to know what happens next?

  3. Thad Ritchards Says:

    Although being a “locked in” viewer doesn’t help in one way, as we aren’t paying for a licensing fee, and most of us are watching episodes without exposing ourselves to adverts as well.

    If it wasn’t for our also guaranteedness in buying DVDs and other DW stuff, we’d be really despised. ;)

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