Fast Return – April 2009


Just a quick one this month, folks, as Foo has an update coming along and of course besides Planet of the Dud and someone inflating a Dalek in Chiswick last week, not a lot happened in April.  So…

Geek Maggot Bingo!
Some fun recently with Public Address’ thread on general spookiness on the small and large screen. Excellent. Ask me about my zombie weekend sometime! Anyway, good news for Old School Who as some of the golden oldies come out and indicate that those touchstones are well and truly embedded down here in NZ as well. Krynoids! Maggots! Daleks! And to show we’re in good and scary hands for future stories, yes, Weeping Angels and Empty Children too.

But Blog barometer cooling on BTS?
Yeah, no link this time just a gripe. We’ve had our fun taking the mick out of Kasterborous’ occasional Ian Levine-esque chair arm thumping editorial asides. But dammit, they’re still a lot more fun than Behind the Sofa, and more frequent too. Sure, BTS has clawed itself back into validity a little with their recent reviews of Dubai Double Decker Trouble, but have’t we all? On the other hand, BTS’s tweets are sweet, even if Twitter appears to be on the wane

Plus Kasterborous put us onto the Tainted Love Dalek. Sofa haven’t pointed us towards anything fun since Farmergeddon.

Stripping Back the Years
But this is fun - a set of very cool and witty strips detailing the history of the good Doctor. Maybe not for the squee squad, this one…
Part1, Part 2, Part 3

Oh, it had to happen…

The Next Doctor – inevitable spoof

and finally…

MasterCard mash-ups

1 and 2

Thanks to Dave for a lot of these!

2 Responses to “Fast Return – April 2009”

  1. the_other_dave Says:

    Ooooh Soft (mutant) cell – weird but fun.

    These Boots – an old Dreddy anthem from way back!

  2. Foo Says:

    Nice post. I especially like the three part comic – very funny. Where is it from originally – in the old times this is the sort of thing that was in paper based fanzines…

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