Fast Return – March 2009


It’s April. Still, better late than Neville! (sorry Neville)

No Funny Things Happened on the way to this Forum
Forget your mystery casting and trailers - this was the big news of the month, and it’s sad news. The Restoration Team forum, once established as a venue for discussion of the technical side of recovering DW’s past, is no more from 1 April, having lost the War on Personal Abuse and Constant Questions About Fan Animations. A real pity, as it was a great service and probably did more to explain a lot of bewildering terms surrounding the work of the Team than many a DWM feature. Alas, the constant verbotening of speculation of future stories plus the veto on discussing releases in common knowledge but not yet advertised by 2Entertain meant a lot of thumb-twiddling and attempts to focus on those pesky occasional techie questions. Really, it’s a shame and deserves better coverage than a flippant monthly column like this one. Hopefully the likes of the future DVDs forum at the DW Forum will cater for those more fannish inquisitions in the future, and those more earnest and scholarly technical discussions can carry on elsewhere, unmolested.

Mind you, we only ever visited it for the future speculation ourselves… 

Vote Billie in the FH[o Hu]M 100!
Mm. Yeah. See, if it featured the series’ other ‘Billy’, then we might have a story (albeit one that didn’t really demand pictures). Here it’s kinda dull. But nice try Kasterborous.

No Flies on Them!
Den of Geek called it – or near as dammit, with Easter Saturday being when we (oops, we mean the UK!) get to visit the Planet of the Deads! Everyone else of course will just have to wait a day or so for the torrents. A-harr!

Summer Holiday
And speaking of behind the times on everything, let’s get rid of one inevitable mash-up while we can…imonabus

DWM 405 missing from subscriptions shock! gate.
See? Fandom does give a toss about print media!

Old Rusty seemingly made little attempt to cover up his comic-reading past in the series to date what with the likes of Max Normal in Gridlock, the plot of a JudgeDredd story (‘Sob Story’, Prog 131 for those of you playing at home) in Gridlock and the designs for Satan being supposedly based on the art of Simon Bisley (though I have to admit I didn’t see it myself) BUT who could have guessed he was also in his time a Dungeons and Dragons playa? Well, it was probably obvious – coming of age in the late Seventies, early Eighties, it was kind of de rigeur in a loveable Old School way. But we digress. You want proof? Here’s a Berbalang from the Fiend Folio (and White Dwarf 11), next to a friend of more recent years…





Fast forward to White Dwarf’s Fly Man, and… well, you see where we’re going?













Not that there’s anything wrong with that, Mister RTD. Ahem. PitchBlackTremorsTheFlyBadCityBlueandJudgeDredd’sTheHuntingPartyABus?AreYouMad?AndEvenThisCloseToYourOwnEpisodeMidnight?!!!

Ooh, that felt better.

2 Responses to “Fast Return – March 2009”

  1. the_other_dave Says:

    And let us not forget DWMs Train Flight many moons ago

  2. Al Says:

    Well, the top two have both got wings, and the next two both have a fly’s head…
    And don’t forget the naff insect-headed aliens from the original Galactica. If Who is now copying from them, where will it lead..? A robot dog and metallic, droning-voiced space soldiers, that’s where…

    Reminds me of when Star Wars first came out and British newspapers described R2-D2 as looking ‘dalek-like’. And then when Who subsequentally made a proper impression state-side, the daleks were described in the american press as, you guessed it…
    Could play this game all day!

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