On the Origins of Zeus Plug


 “What did you do during the gap year, Daddy?”

Readers with long lawns and short tempers will recall this this blog had in its day a hard copy predecessor, Zeus Plug, the shortest, pluggiest and to date only pubzine in New Zealand. From March we’ll be reproducing those first eight issues and covering the zine’s short, glorious and expensive history. There’ll be behind the scenes stories, those articles presented in new and sometimes unexpurgated form, and who knows, perhaps along the way we’ll laugh a little, cry  little, and learn about life, love and the importance of family. Or something.

Stay tuned!

3 Responses to “On the Origins of Zeus Plug”

  1. Al Says:

    The Black scrolls uncovered!
    This is marvellous news – but how?
    Have the contents of Jono’s stolen laptop somehow been recovered?

  2. the_other_dave Says:

    There was this crate of unedited plugs found in the basement of this Mormon Church….

  3. Foo Says:

    Super! Sounds great. Give me my NZ Who fix.

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