Quite Right, too.


It’s a little early this time round, perhaps, but confirmation came last month that yes, a fourth series of Doctor Who has been commissioned. And David Tennant will, apparently, feature for the whole run. There are some who might applaud the first announcement but cry foul at its corollary. Here at Zeus Blog Terraces we say yah boo! Sucks to them! The really good news attached to this is that they are clearly in the minority.

This isn’t just an attempt to downplay the refined palette of a few individuals disillusioned with the current state of the show, it’s a simple fact. The series is doing very well indeed, and despite their minority report, there’s all evidence to suggest that in fact not only has the sky not fallen in since the departure of Christopher Eccleston, but the show has survived, carried on, made people laugh and cry, sold more annuals than the former reigning champion (The Beano) and clearly has a new, young audience who will with luck grow with the show and carry the flame on. Hopefully they’ll also grow old with the show; remember it fondly and long after its run ceases, one among those many might just rise up and start the ball rolling once more, win BAFTAs and Nebulas, and create a certified hit from a load of old cult. It’s the natural order of things. Our baby is doing well. It has a charismatic lead and a confident and powerful producer, both of whom deserve to return and entertain the kids for another year. Good on them and good luck to them for 2008.

On a more local note, you’ll notice that activity has returned about the blog and quite probably in not too tidy an order. We’ll run the broom around soon, and have a nice new logo to boot, but in the mean-time bear with us – the chaos is merely the product of enthusiastic minds at work!

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  1. Thad Ritchards Says:

    Is RTD still at the helm for S4? “Popular recieved wisdom” dictates that the series will fall apart if he ever leaves. (Because, you know, he was the sole and only reason for it coming back just like only one person was responsible for the entirety of the old series…)

  2. Peter A Says:

    There’s been no word yet that RTD is going anywhere too soon. In fact recent interviews suggest he has plenty of steam left for however many years the series will have him.

    I support most of what he’s done, speaking for myself – it’s hard to argue with the audience figures and the buzz around ‘the kids’. There’s no doubt in my mind however that when he does step down the show (if it’s still going) will change markedly.

    Er, wasn’t RTD pretty much the pulling power behind it coming back? besides Lorraine Heggesay’s strong hints that the BBC was looking for a solid Saturday night show to family audiences. Just my hunc, but committees very rarely come up with that logical a conclusion…

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