So… Torchwood, eh?

Avid readers will know by now that we here at ZeusPlug Terraces have been… somewhat… tardy on covering Torchwood. Why? Tardiness, mainly. There’s no great conspiracy, and what you’re witnessing is something not unlike the current situation with TSV, where it seems entire seasons of a show can be screened between issues, meaning that whatever reviews and overviews that do come out in the following issue start to look REALLY dated. ZeusPlug doesn’t actually ‘do’ reviews, but this blog does take an interest in what other blogs have to say about the different issues affecting Who fandom. For Torchwood then, it’s interesting to see the excellent Public Address System covering TVNZ’s recent purchase of Torchwood and the politics therein. The talkback is good too – particularly from the likes of Epsom and Wellngton (er, and the obligatory pitch-in by Paul). You can read the original G2 post commenting on the purchase here, plus Paul’s comment again (he gets around, you know).

As for ZeusPlug and Torchwood – watch this space. Given that ZP9 won’t be out until April, the chances of any Torchwood season one commentary (or Runaway Bride come to that) appearing then are nil to zero, so this here blog’s the place it’ll likely turn up in some shape or form. Not that anyone was complaining, but just so you might want to mark it in your diary or something :P

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  1. Paul Scoones Says:

    Thanks for taking notice of my comments on those blogs (I’m a frequent lurker on Public Address as one of the guys who set it up is a mate). It’s nice to know we frequent the same places.

    But… “obligatory pitch-in”? That suggests I’m popping up all over the Internet. As it happens I’m a such an infrequent poster on the forums I read that you’d barely know I was there (perhaps barring the TSV message board, and even in that case I’m hardly in the running for the most prolific poster award!).

    I’m looking forward to ZP9 – its absence was discussed at the latest Auckland Chapter meet last weekend, and we were reduced to nominating the table menu as the most worthy substitute to hand!

  2. Peter A Says:

    Popping up over the internet Paul? Infrequent poster? How about this amusing burst of fanboy enthusiasm then matey:,153,

    The defence rests, M’Lud.

    I see a future slogan for us Jono – ‘ZeusPlug: better than yer average bar menu’! ;)

  3. Paul Scoones Says:

    Hmm, I’ve posted a grand total of three times to Public Address and G2 combined – and two of those three postings were rewordings of the same message, so I stand by my claim to forum obscurity… although I expect this message counts towards my obligatory pitch-in of fanboy enthusiasm here at Zeus Blog! :)

    As an interesting sidepoint, what’s the current feeling about the use of ‘fanboy’? It’s one of those words that has both positive and negative connotations in context. I usually steer clear of using it for fear of being interpreted the wrong way.

  4. Peter A Says:

    Ah yes, but surely if there’s a solid definition of ‘fanboy’ to be seen in action, then crowbar-ing a reference to a throaway line from City of Death (the link above) has to be close! Fanboy schmanboy – I’d rather be that than a ‘nerd’, and as the missus rightly says, all men in some shape or form are trainspotters/geeks whether it’s TV programmes, cars, sports statistics or music.

    Now, to get slightly back on topic, if we’re talking about unfortunate names for ‘enthusiasts’, the touted one for Torchwood fans, ‘Woodies’ has to be one of the less livable ones I’ve come across!

  5. Thad Ritchards Says:

    You’d prefer “Torchies”? Or “Jackobites”? How about “Gwenophiles”? Are you an “Owenist”? Do you like to “gosh” about “Tosh”? Or are you into “Iantony”?

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