Christchurch Chapter Meeting 9th December 2006

Before I got to the Party, the guys watched episodes 1 & 4 of The Invasion; as well as the Cyberwoman episode of Torchwood…and some cricket, (which can be a good cure for insomnia, for some). The guys didn’t like Cyberwoman, but I liked it. We’re all different, eh?

People pondered if Series 3 would suffer from RTD’s split attention with Torchwood, an upcoming wrestling event was discussed, Zeus Plug issues 6 & 7 were handed out (along with the booklet/flyers for the National Science Fiction Conventions), and RTP! was on sale.    Large amounts of candy, crisps, and softdrink were consumed (perhaps contributing to a somewhat hyper atmosphere), and seating was for the most part adequate (with Russell getting nods of ‘you did that?’ over his cycling to the day with a folding chair on the back of his bicycle).   

I was wearing my authentic-looking Tom Baker scarf (season 13/14). My wife & I brought Dalek Cupcakes; these were popular! Another fan brought Cyberman Biscuits; I was lucky to get the last one! Mrs left to visit more rellies, & I stayed, of course…being more than a little into DWJohn Moffat's  

I showed off my DW Interactive Electronic Board Game, I’m still not sure if anyone wanted to play it, as the bunch were rather loud, though cheerful. The miniature TARDIS in the game was a bit of a hit. Also, some guys admired the Dalek bottlestopper on my wine bottle; and my classic Sonic Screwdriver.

With me, I brought a number of DVDs & videos. Matt, being a very modern young chap, doesn’t have a VCR, so it was lucky most of my offerings were on disc! :) I began by issuing a challenge: “Who is the Who actor?” I showed a scene off a BBC disc….no-one had a clue. Gave the decade; then the Doctor, finally, the story…at last, a winner!

Presenting Colin Baker playing an artist in Jonathan Creek, a number of speculative remarks were made, on what Colin could mean, by asking a woman on the ‘phone to “Come round, and make me bark like a Sealion!” :)

[I later found Carry On Up the Jungle at The Warehouse, Blenheim Road. On watching it, I couldn't see Nina Baden-Semper (recently guest-starred in a Big Finish audio play); however, it did feature an amusing turn by Bernard Bresslaw (The Ice Warriors)]

Well, there you have it…the Chch Chapter Christmas Party, 2006. As a fan who’s getting to know the Chch guys, I think they’re splendid fellows. All of them! I’m keen to go again!
Reported by Neville Walker, edited by Peter A. A fuller version of Neville’s game entries can be found in his report to the TSV Message Board.

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