The Biggest Loser – Grand Finals!

It’s here! The final round to determine BOTH the best of the losers of the original Monster Mash, and the ultimate loser – the weakest, most fan-forsaken monster in the Death Zone. Without further ado let’s go to the Aggro-Dome and meet them:

Vying for Best of the Worst: JUDOON versus SILURIANS
Both teams didn’t get off to a great start, with the Sycorax pulling their blood magic and the Rutans being electric jellyfish respectively, but second time may prove the charm for one team today. So, bereft of giant dinosaurs and body-scanning technology it comes down to a quick-draw of blasters versus head thingies!

Vying for Worst of the Worst:

As Jamas says, the Krotons were probably always going to be here, whether they deserved to be or not. The question would be who would they face? Last night the bout between Vervoids and Terileptils ended in a draw – panic! Someone had to lose to meet the crystalline menace. Our touch-judge (right) said ‘Vervoids’. But then Foo arrived with a late vote – and it’s Terileptils!


So: scintillating silica-based scientists versus terribly technical terileptils it is. Neither are particularly manoeuvrable – who wins then?

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  1. jpreddle Says:

    Go to be down to:



  2. Thad Ritchards Says:

    Judoon don’t have the fear factor… but the Silurians don’t need to worry about slow trigger fingers. I’ve going to say that the armour of the Judoon is enough to negate the not entirely fact heat ray, so they win.

    Dammit, I’m going to be a lone voice and say that the Krotons can take the Terileptils!

  3. Timb Says:




  4. Peter A Says:

    I’m with Jamas:

    Judoon are the best of the bunch. Their firepower is quick and formidable and doesn’t require a wobbling head for real effect. With Smith and JOnes RTD made them seem a bit dim and orderly, but with their presence on the Shadow Proclamation in Journey’s End, he inadvertently gave them brains as well!

    And Krotons were always about the brains, and they have bigger guns. I can’t see the Terileptils winning this one, making the beasties from The Visitation the weakest monster. In my opinion.

  5. Foo Says:

    Judoon beat Silurians. As pointed out before, no race memory for the Judoons so no freak out.

    Krotons. Oh yes. They do win.

  6. Alden Says:

    Am I too late?

    Judoon beat Silurians easy!
    Aaaaand unlike the others, I vote for the Terileptils to win the last clash, because if all else fails, they can just push the Krotons over. :)

  7. Paul Scoones Says:

    Unless I’m too late…


  8. Foo Says:

    So…do we have an overall loser? Any post match analysis to follow?

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