Auckland Pub Meet – November 2006

Whilst we weren’t quite at our attendance record (13), the eighth Auckland pub meet of the year took place on Saturday the 11th of November at the Muddy Farmer with a good turnout of 9 (much better than 6 the month before!).

As usual, there was the five-minute silence after ZEUS PLUG was presented. It’s always interesting to watch how people read it – some have the quick skim saving most for later, Jon P usually jumps straight to the cartoon, and others do the full read through.

Highlights of the night included:

  • ZEUS PLUG presenting Paul with his very first spoilers for series 3 (we?re good like that!).
  • Farewell to Adam McGechan who leaves the comfort of the snug for the vicious and potentially health-threatening world of UK fandom.
  • A different (and possibly libellous) take on ‘companion autograph’ collecting
  • Anthony Ainley, god rest his soul, and the decline of the Master over the latter years
  • Those behind-the-scenes rumours that never get published
  • Reminiscing about the old Traken / WhoCon days (yes, I admit! I did walk out on Pertwee’s Q&A session to watch Keys of Marinus!)

We did however miss out on the much-hyped fat-o-gram that was apparently arriving for the 30th birthday bash on the other side of the bar. Shame.

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  1. Peter A Says:

    Hooray! It sounds like a great meeting there (and this is the first I’ve heard anything about it). Nice to know the cartoon gets an attentive Hamilton reception – but did the Ant Ainley conversation spring from that, or from places other thatn Eric Roberts’ rear end?

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