The Biggest Loser – Round Three

Ookaay… to borrow the phrase that last year’s big trend made popular, it’s Business Time.
All sixteen teams from Rounds One and Two have re-entered the bout and are now in two divisions. Upper division consists of the winners to date, and lower division needs no further explanation. Also, Round Three is Joker Round, so there may be some surprises in this week’s bouts. Let’s see how they shape up:

Silurians versus Macra (Location: The Castellan’s Caves)
It’s the undergound battle of all time, and just when you thought it couldn’t get any weirder, the Silurians finally get to play their Joker – a tame T-Rex (or is it an Allosaur? Perhaps we’ll call it… a Speleosaur, given that it lives in a cave?). Never mind, the “most fearsome mammal of all time” faces off against the crafty crustaceans.


Zygons versus Judoon (Location: Valley of the Shobogans)
No Jokers in this bout as the Zygons used their Skarasen in the big game, but it might be worth pointing out again (as the Rutan match-up went so well… sigh) that the Judoon are equipped with their handy dandy bio-scanners, so shape-changing may not have the advantage it did last time.

Slitheen versus Krill-traps (Location: Rassilon’s Orangery)
Yes! Another Joker invoked as Rusty’s new monsters go head to head. The Slitheen of course are fast, devious and vicious, while the Krillitanes are fast and vicious AND since their victory over the Tetraps gain their Joker – the better race traits of their last victims. So: quadroscopic vision, poison bites and backwards talking for them then. Will it be enough to tip the balance?

Haemovores versus Vogans (Location: Flavia’s Boneyard)
Did I mention it’s Joker round?
And that the Haemovores have brought the seven-foot tall Ancient One as their big gun? Eek – I can’t watch! Let’s move instead to…





Tetraps versus Primords (Location: Borusa’s Folly)
Will the power of flight and small arms fire be enough to get the Tetraps through this round? Or are the Primords made of tougher stuff than the Tetrap bullets, and force the match to be played on terra firma?

Cryons versus Vervoids (Location: Spandrell’s Storehouses)
Cold-loving ice maidens with guns versus plant-men who probably like north-facing positions and well-drained soil. Will the Cryons be disadvantaged by their setting? Or will the Vervoids turn out to be frost-tender?

Krotons versus Voord (Location: Omega’s Labyrinth)
At this stage things just look too weird with a match-up of these proportions. Cannon-carrying silicates the Krotons meet rubbery saboteurs the Voord, who get to play their Joker – a Voord Leader with telepathic connections (as seen in The Fishmen of Kandalinga). Will empathic links be enough to turn Marinus’ frogmen’s losing streak?

Nimon versus Terileptils (Location: Kellner’s Steppes)
Neither team is ignorant of how it pays to increase your brain-power, both come armed, although the Nimon are the physically stronger group – arguably. However, the Terileptils get to play their Joker, and it’s a weird one. Plague Rats.

And that’s Round Three done. Don’t forget to vote!

7 Responses to “The Biggest Loser – Round Three”

  1. andypulzar Says:

    Wow… first one to vote this time. Sweet.

    Upper Division:
    Silurians versus Macra: Silurians
    Zygons versus Judoon: Judoon
    Slitheen versus Krill-traps: Krill-traps
    Haemovores versus Vogans: A close one, but I’m betting on the Haemovores

    Lower Division:
    Tetraps versus Primords: Tetraps
    Cryons versus Vervoids: Vervoids
    Krotons versus Voord: Voord
    Nimon versus Terileptils: Terileptils

  2. Timb Says:

    Silurians (Tough)





    Cryons (Also tough)



  3. Alden Says:

    Upper division:
    Macra, Judoon, Krill-traps, Haemovores

    Lower Division:
    Tetraps, Cryons, Krotons, Nimon

  4. Paul Scoones Says:



  5. Thad Ritchards Says:

    Without the wild card, I would have said the Macra would snap their opposition, but with the big distraction, I’d say the Silurians can earn some cooked calamari.
    Well, if you’re going to cheat and say the Zygons don’t have their main ability, then fine, the military minded beat the milk suckers.
    This one goes to the Krillitanes with their flight and extra capabilities.
    Haemovores. Nuff said.

    As long as they can keep out of range, the fliers again win.
    Vervoids have the upper hand with this location.
    Voord for the win. (If only the Nimon had been in the labyrinth.)
    I’m thinking the rats would have a hard time against alien pyssio… fisogno… bodies, so the Nimon take this one.

  6. Peter A Says:


    Macra v Silurians – I reckon this goes to the Silurians, but it’ll be an interesting match.
    Zygons v Judoon – oh, it’s the Judoon (and it’s not cheating, Jamas!)
    Krill-traps v Slitheen- Krill-traps, but it may not be as straightforward as it might look.
    Haemovores v Vogans – definitely Haemovores, even without the Ancient One. Bullets can’t touch ‘em.

    Tetraps v Primords – shooting wolfmen from the air? Tetraps.
    Vervoids v Cryons – shredded iceberg lettuce. I reckon Cryons.
    Voord v Krotons – Voord. Somehow.
    Terileptils v Nimon – mmm. Nimon.

  7. jpreddle Says:

    Here goes:



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