Fast Return – July 2008


Well that has to be it – July 2008 is a dead cert to being the swiftest July on record. Where did it go? Probably stoled. Maybe by Davros and his minions, that scallywag. Anyway, things moved quickly last month, so you may have missed these happenings…

Hmm. They’re really keeping things under wraps, aren’t they? Anyway, it appears an extra ten seconds or so gives us but a very confident young urchin, the likely companion of the piece, more David Morrissey and an evil Dirvla Kerwin. And Cyber-Wraiths, or robot Taran Beasts or something. Are we excited? Well, lots of this stuff was to be had in the set photos section of the DW Forum (if you could bear the trudge through the squeeing that is). But at the moment? mm. We’ve been disappointed before with a huge build-up. Scare us this time, Mister Davies!

Why, it’s Kasterborous! We may have bagged them slightly earlier in the year for getting a bit huffy with the more outrageous rumours (and some which came true… ahem), but hey – a new look, lots of intelligent, up-to-date content devoid of the sort of fannish speculation which makes the DW Forum a chore to read these days, and great editorials. We’ve been away a while, but it’s nice to be back. Well done, Christian and Co!

Yes yes, that’s two bags full so far in one installment. So what’s got up our goat this month? Apart from the ennui of it all over there with the youngsters and their shipping and squeeing and Janto-ing. Well, nothing outrageous. And maybe that’s the problem. But just as it appears young Rusty gets the gist of hiding spoliers from us (until the inevitable leak to the tabs that is), young fandom runs out of new series facts to talk about and, say, starts to create their own series five. And you get this…



Words fail us.

Aaand it’s twenty years now since Silver Nemesis was unleashed onto an unsuspecting world (insert obligatory ‘NZ got an episode before everyone else’ note – Ed.) There’s precious little McCoy left to release, and going by the stories remaining one does get the feeling 2Entertain have their own impressions as to what’s going to sell quickly or not (a clue: Battlefield is next) . Anyhoo – that wouldn’t stop the interested fan from frustrating the forum administrators bringing up the topic of format and version on the Doctor Who Technical Forum. And what a discussion! Special Edition or standard, slightly wonky edition? Add the documentaries, or delete the rubbish bits? Worth a little extra in the budget to give punters the choice via a two version double disc like Fenric and 5 Doctors, or a blight on potential resources for other, probably less-vanilla-bound stories? Phew! Good job it’s not on the schedule yet…

Now, ’tis true that we’ve been a bit harsh on DWM lately, perhaps not on this blog, but behind the back of the series’ esteemed organ. but to be fair, despite a whole internet of spoiler potentials and interviews and what have you, the Official Magazine sees to be doing alright for itself. Particularly quite recently in the comic strip department. There was a time, your loyal Rapid Returner must confess, when this was the first and sometimes only thing he turned to with the mag in the new series, most other content being either already old by the time it got to these shores, or a bit… fluffy. But we’re loving Rob Davis’ The Widow’s Curse (spoiler-tastic panels here) right now. Lovely artwork by Martin Geraghty, solid nods to the new series’ history, what could well be Donna’s only comic strip outing (we’ll see, maybe) and bets of all a story that seeks to build on the recent past. A one-off monter race gets fleshed-out (if you could say that) is a quite respectful and very effective way.

As in… we believe it occupies physical space, but we’ve not actually seen proof of its existence. And it goes this month to the Time Meddler DVD. Has anyone actually seen a copy here, let alone bought one? From a terrestrial shop?

5 Responses to “Fast Return – July 2008”

  1. Alden Says:

    I bought my copy of the Time Meddler from the Lower Hutt Whitcoulls… I don’t remember if they had any in there when I was in there today…

  2. Peter A Says:

    As a matter of fact I saw one in the Tory Street Warewhare yesterday before posting this. But I still reckon there’s been a near-drought of them in Wellingtown at least.

  3. Alden Says:

    LH Whitcoulls doesn’t have any! If you’re after Black Orchid, Time Warrior or Timelash you’re set though…

  4. Timb Says:

    Real Groovy Wgtn has(d) a copy… I’m still perturbed by who bought Seeds of Death from Borders last week… With 25% off… Grrr

  5. Alden Says:

    There’s one in the Queensgate Warehouse too. :)

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