The Biggest Loser – Round Two

Another dawn breaks over the Death Zone and as we survey the carnage of last week’s Monster Mash we see that the winners are absent. Yes, it’s progression to Round Three for the Vogans, Judoon, Macra and Krillitane, with nary a protest from the crowd. The losers of course carry on to meet other losers in a pick-off of the most rubbish.

So to this week then, with eight new teams returning. Let’s meet them again!

Location: The Technodome

 Lizard-men of science! Having lost to the Sycorax last time, the Silurians are in no mood to be the patsy to yet another Johnny-come-lately. They have head-weapons and enquiring minds ready for the Terileptils, one-time Cheetah-bait and wielders of energy weapons and crafty hunting knives. But who will be dissecting whom?

Location: The Crystal Coastline

 It’s a rubber-fetishist’s wildest dream! More crafty knives courtesy of the web-footed Voord, quietly stalking the technological wiles of the Zygons about the Death Zone’s jagged-edge rock pool. This could be a tricky one, and the Zygons don’t have their pet Skarasen to call on this time.


Location: The Windfarm

 You too may not want these in your back yard. The flatulent Slitheen with their great talons and ferocious speed versus the methane-breathing, toxin-injecting Vervoids. Nobody light a match!


Location: The Ragged Heath

 Our final match-up for his round sees a rounding-off of alternative futures for mankind. The Haemovores are out for blood with their claws and teeth, ready for the faithless. The Primords have brute strength on their side, and you probably wouldn’t want to taste what’s inside them. Who wins?


And that’s round two introduced! The winners of this round of course meet round one’s champions, while the losers face-off with their counterparts for the ultimate humiliation. Next round though features Wild Cards for those who didn’t get to play them first round. Don’t miss it!

[At right: another abandoned contender from the first game]

8 Responses to “The Biggest Loser – Round Two”

  1. Thad Ritchards Says:

    Sod the winners, just track the losers as they LOSE LOSE LOSE!

    Anyway, Silurians heat up the Teraleptils lives and basically melt their opposition.

    Knife vs shapeshifters… even without a big reptile, the bumpy ones bump off the diversuits.

    Given the Slitheen speed at that we are somewhere windy (making toxic fumes have less impact) the plants are mulched.

    I think the Primords would have no fear of the Haemovores and have the strength, but the lack of heat… eh, shaggy ones for the win.

  2. Alden Says:

    Terileptils: aliens with guns beat pre-human lizard men with short-range laser-eyes

    Zygons: unless rubber is an effective insulation against their sting.

    Slitheen: because they have the advantage in size and strength.

    Primords: overpowering the Haemovores by sheer force.

  3. Peter A Says:

    I’ll get in earlier this time!

    Silurians versus Terileptils – I reckon Silurians. They’d probably use those headlamps to work some freaky mojo on the Terileptils before they even got their guns charged up.

    Zygons versus Voord. It’s Voord! They’re sneakier and have knives, rather than dubious-canonicity stings! You can throw knives.

    Slitheen versus Vervoids. The Slitheen will julienne the vege-men.

    Primords versus Haemovores. I reckon Haemovores. They’d drag down and lacerate the wolfmen with those claws.

  4. Timb Says:

    Silurians, Voord, Vervoids and Primords

  5. Peter A Says:

    Atta boy! Trust you to buck the system. But still no Haemovore love, eh?

  6. andypulzar Says:

    Silurians vs Terileptils – Silurians.
    Zygons vs Voord – Zygons
    Slitheen vs Vervoids – Slitheen
    Primords vs Haemovores – Haemovores.

  7. jpreddle Says:

    Silurians – powerful third eye
    Zygons – shapeshifters
    Slitheen – clever strategists
    Haemovores – cos they’re blood suckers (Primords just suck)


  8. Foo Says:

    Yes, late once again.

    My picks:

    Hmmm, tough one with Vervoids v Slitheen. As battle occurs at the windfarm, I think we will go with Slitheen.

    Is that abandoned contender a Wirrn? Or is that Wirrrn Mr Marter?

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