Help is at Hand!

Mmmm. It’s a common complaint, but here at ZeusBlog Terraces we think we can provide some relief. We understand – you’re tired, scratchy, your mind is clouded and you feel like you’ve done nine rounds with a Pool Cleaning Robot. But still you yearn for more. You’re a sad case, but you’re not alone.

What you need of course is less of that ‘shipping’ smoochy finale stuff and some more mindless monster-a-monster violence. A new batch would be silly (Hath versus Adipose? Too soon!), but there’s still the question of who will lead the bottom league play-off of last competition

Ah yes, that’s moreĀ  like it.
We’ll start with the patient soon enough, nurse. But first let’s reaquaint ourselves with the lovely contestants:

In alphabetical order then:

Cryons, Haemavores, Judoon, Krillitane, Krotons, Macra, Nimon, Primords, Silurians, Slitheen, Terileptils, Tetraps, Vogans, Zygons

You’re drooling again. It’s very fetching. But hold off on the predictions for the time being – the blood (gween, naturally) will flow over the next few days – let battle recommence!

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