Over (the) Bite

Am I the only person watching Turn Left who didn’t pick up on this apparently horrific teeth / lisp / accent disaster from Ms Piper? Not only did it hit the message boards straight away, but numerous newspaper reviews the following days were stating how odd they found the overbite thing. I just didn’t see it / care. Perhaps we should be taking more notice of features rather than, say, plot and drama. Next week: hair styles and nail lengths?


The latest issue of DWM is out in stores today, sporting both a ‘Bad Wolf Takeover’ and a free Target novel. There’s 27 to choose from, though every single one I saw contained The Twin Dilemma. So… if anyone wants a copy of The Twin Dilemma… Inside, it does seem to be a bit of a case of ‘we can’t say anything!’. There are numerous mentions of the returning villain, though no images. This should change next week, when the Radio Times is celebrating ( Inviso-text follows – Ed) the return of Davros – a 4th Series 4 cover perhaps?


Series 4 has been getting consistently good reviews in that bastion of cultural excellence, the London Underground Metro newspaper. Most likely to be found half ripped on the floor, should one be lucky enough to get their hands on one, you’ll find four star reviews for every story of the series thus far. Will TSE / JE be able to achieve the elusive 5 stars… watch this space (or don’t).


Overheard in HMV Oxford St – ‘I met Colin Baker at a convention… I was quite lucky cos he doesn’t do many’



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  1. Thad Ritchards Says:

    All I can say is don’t watch Boom Town. (For many reasons really.) The teeth… the teeth…

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