My Heart’s in Overdrive and You’re Behind the Steering Wheel…

Right, now that pesky Eurovision thing is out of the way we’re mere hours from Silence in the Library, the episode that kicks off the rest of Series 4, and hopefully tells us that there’s still plenty of lead in the Moff’s pencil for 2010. The mid-season trailer aired of course, for the second year, to – well, mixed responses, it would seem. Here’s what we managed to freeze frame long enough to make a pretty picture from: 

The stars are disappearing! Beforehand it was planets, but now we have the words of Donna’s Granddad (who we assume knows a bit about astronomy) to ramp it up. Stars disappearing as an overture in post-series DW hasn’t happened since Death Comes to Time. And that went well, didn’t it?

The Rose’s Return – good thing or bad thing? The chap above says the former, but there’s a pause there beforehand that makes us think… maybe he doesn’t actually believe it? There’s that pesky void separating them at the moment, and presumably some Daleks and Cybermen rather making the term void redundant by being in it, but heyho – she’s coming back, so the genie’s out of the bottle.

It’s Skeletor! No – Ghost Rider in space! No- well, it’s probably from Silence/Forest. It’s moving, it redefines ‘open face’ in a most un-Davison way, and is probably related to the ‘shadows’ in some way we think. Nice spacesuit design – very retro, almost ‘Servant of Sutekh’ looking.


This photo of Lesley Sharp does her no favours whatsoever. Dave would like to point out that it appears to be a tradition of hers to have the least flattering hairstyles in all things RTD (and there have been a few) she’s been in. Sharp’s episode is Midnight, and the picture above suggests (as does Dave) that the recent theme of ‘darkness’ continues here.

Nothing to see here, move along…

What the hell is going on here? The Doctor ‘swims’ as some have put it, through a space that, again, some have called the Vortex, most likely because of its resemblance to the Pertwee/Baker title sequence rendition. Is that the torch from Silence in his hand, the increasingly-Swiss sonic screwdriver, or another blue glowing MacGuffin? Well, it’s a Metebelis crystal, isn’t it?


‘Nuff said…

-and with the amount of placement in the trail we’re led to believe that Rose will be highly significant to the last stories. It’s a different Rose – more aloof, more self-confident. Shades of the maturing Ace, perhaps? As for what ‘The Darkness’ is, it’s being kept away from us for now. Is it just Daleks? Just Davros? Or is there something else we’re not privy to yet? Assuming Rusty has learned from  the quickfire revealing of supposedly secret stuff in past seris (and the appearance of Rose in Partners would suggest he has), don’t count on every trick being played yet.

What do you think?

2 Responses to “My Heart’s in Overdrive and You’re Behind the Steering Wheel…”

  1. Thad Ritchards Says:

    So… the Doctor-less episode will be Rose vs Daleks then?

  2. Peter A Says:

    Among others, I’d guess perhaps. It’s next to what we’d traditionally call the closing 2-parter, but there are some saying that this year it could be a three (sort of like last year) or even four parter.

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