Fast Return – May 2008

Greetings! It’s the 7th of Eurovision and we’re not long for the remainder of the mid-series pause. You can view our analysis of the trail elsewhere on the blog, but for now, let’s look at the month in review…

You realise that fandom has taken an almight leap back into its own innocent youth when, in the midst of a spoiler thread about the reappearance of certain OS icons, someone pipes up the sort of comment that’s only a few crucial details away from being an opinion:

Still, at least they’ll freely admit to being wrong. But honestly, what are we teaching the kids, eh? Etc.

The Official Site’s tribute to last weekend’s musical
interlude. We’re thinking the heading probably sounded better said aloud.


Ugh. You know how it is when your fannish enthusiasm overtakes the niceties of Net life. News rolls in as you wake to it and, bleary-eyed, medicated and in a back brace compose a feverish epistle to the apostles. Tired and emotional, before you know it you’ve forgotten to check a nearby DWM for spelling, and you hit Publish. Then someone like Love and Garbage alerts everyone to the oversight. Excellent pwnage, dude. No really – we’re just happy to have been Googled.
It wasn’t so long ago that the Editor of Her Majesty’s Fanzine called for reviewers for series four for TSV 76, sure to come out some time after Journey’s End you would think. Here at ZeusBlog Terraces we think the job has been half done already, with the TSV Message Board already filling with regular viewers clamouring to be the early bird for each individual episode. Surely all that remains is some prudent editing of those comments (a vertitable round robin) and a sorting of who’s to be up for the job. We did the maths already in a handy Olympic-themed chart, running from Gold (first review per story) through to Silver and then Bronze of course. Here’s how it looked halfway through series four, including the mid-series trail. As you can see there’s a clear advantage to Darrell P and Jon P, but the game’s being joined more recently by the likes of Wade C (currently in the UK), and there are a few others unnamed bobbing along under the vital top three. At the top though, it’s pretty bloody and it could go to the wire. There’ll be tears before bedtime, we’re sure.

12 Responses to “Fast Return – May 2008”

  1. Timb Says:

    That ‘Add it up’ chart is freakin hilarious :D

  2. the_other_dave Says:

    “Hilarious” yes – but look! There are still Bronze spots spare for the Sontaran stories and the trailer!! Be in quick and you too can be on the chart!!!

  3. Peter A Says:

    Nah, there were so many ‘thirds’ for the other stories I decided to stop with the earliest Bronze available. Of course, if someone were to get more than one third then poor dale’s crown would be threatened.

    And it looks like Jon has gone to the top of the heap again. Not that we want to encourage that sort of competition going on…

  4. Timb Says:

    Tell you the truth Dave, I’m surprised you’re not up there ;)

  5. jpreddle Says:

    Truth be said, my (shhh) downloads vary week to week. It took less than 50 minutes for Unicorn and Wasp to download, so I saw it within 3 hours of its UK screening, whereas last week’s took almost 6 hours to download. The record so far was Torchwood’s Combat, which took 35 minutes to download!

  6. Peter A Says:

    Aha! Your secret’s out! I omitted my postulations as to how you were all going about your methods for access. Surely the Patterson brothers are using some freaky identical twin mojo to watch the series simultaneously? And Jon – you visited the sets earlier this year – who’s to say you didn’t plant an inticate system of refracted mirrors from, say, a window into a family lounge in Chiswick all the way to Hamiltron so you could watch it in real time (don’t say it never occurred to you). Then there’s Graham Muir and his flock of trained chickens winging their way from other countries and reenacting entire episodes in a graceful display of avian charades. say it’s so – anything but Bit Torrent!

  7. DarrellP Says:

    Nice chart! Though Jon and Dave have been robbed of the Eurovision week trailer gold and silver – their posts came at the end of the ep 7 threads. I reckon Jon will win (unless of course if Jonno can rob him of his crown at the last minute). I can’t win since I will be away for the last few NZ Sundays of the series.


  8. DarrellP Says:

    Nice chart! Though Jon and Dave have been robbed of the Eurovision week trailer gold and silver – their posts came at the end of the ep 7 threads. I reckon Jon will win (unless of course if Jonno can rob him of his crown at the last minute). My posts come when I remember to put them on. Lately my daughter has been a bit freaked by the episodes (I don’t thinbk she will watch Forest of the Dead), so posting is second to calming down her active imagination!


  9. DarrellP Says:

    Sorry – double posting due to the aforementioned daughter!


  10. Peter A Says:

    Clearly an update is required!

    And I should issue mad props to Jamas for inspiring the medal table idea.

  11. Foo Says:

    Peter, doesn’t Graham use BirdTorrent?

  12. Thad Ritchards Says:

    I would just like to point out that some of us do not use any sort of torrent at all (as if we would!) to partake of the new series…

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