Spuds You Like!

Ladies and gentlemen we have some winners!

After rounds and rounds and bouts and bouts the victors have been determined in ZeusBlog’s inaugural Monster Mash – and it’s the Sontarans ! In far-off Cardiff a producer is probably hoo-raying quietly to himself, safe in the knowledge that this year’s baddies could beat up last year’s baddies.

It could also mean that you lot are a bunch of rabid traditionalists. But we wouldn’t dream of suggesting that. Oh no :)

Monster Mash has been a great success though, and for that the blog thanks you all, from those who stuck with it since day one (most of you), to our newest participant (Hi Jon!). With participation like this we can hope that a future interactive game like, say, Robot Wars might have a real chance of being every bit as good.

In the mean-time there is a the small issue of the utter losers in this game – those teams who fell at the first hurdle (all sixteen of them). What do you think, readers – should we put them in a jar together and see if they fight, or do we try to empirically* determine which is the biggest loser?

Speak now!

(* No I don’t know what empirically means. It’s something that isn’t metric, right?)

10 Responses to “Spuds You Like!”

  1. Al Says:

    Well done, Peter!
    Who’d have thought violence could be so much fun.
    And thanks for the excellent and incredibly quick artwork which is just crying out to replace Skilleter’s in the reprint Adrian Rigelsford’s ‘The Monsters’ (or a new set of weetabix cards…)
    Some brilliant postings/fight commentaries from everyone, too.
    And of course, the best possible final result! Yesssss!

  2. Thad Ritchards Says:

    Considering the number of new series monsters, odd were on the old ones getting through, but the Sontarans can be counted as old and new (best of both worlds?).

    “Emperically” means finding some data that agrees with an idea you’ve come up with.

  3. Timb Says:

    Line ‘em up dude. Obviously The Toclafane are second, right?

    This weeks album shout out is ‘Ministry – Cover Up’ – haven’t heard all of it but it’s Ministry – it WILL rock \m/

  4. Peter A Says:

    You throw a nice goat there, son (good lord – some people on this board will have no idea what we’re referring to!)

    er, Cheers Al!

    And Jamas – the old series imbalance was always going to be there – but the Toclafane didn’t do too badly out of it. I’d say it was a nice run for them too. Finding data that agrees with an idea I made up? Sounds like Dave’s comment on the Wild Cards ;)

    Back to Tim – yes, the Toclafane are second. The losers could be done in a dual bout – initial sixteen gets whittled down to two teams of eight apiece which then determine the best of the winners, and the worst of the losers.

    It may just be worth it to see that Tetraps versus Krillitane dogfight. And of course not all of the Wild Cards got played…

  5. Al Says:

    By the way, Peter…what is that at the top right of the frame above ‘Styre’s’ nibbled ear?
    A section of a gold cup?
    His spaceship’s door knocker?

    I think we should be told….

  6. Peter A Says:

    It’s the cup. Earlier drafts had Linx shaking a bottle of bubbly about too, but I just thought flying corks… probic vents… nothing good could come of that. And then Dave would be suggesting I’d made it the Toclafane’s Wild Card, et cetera.

  7. the_other_dave Says:

    “And then Dave would be suggesting I’d made it the Toclafane’s Wild Card, et cetera.”


  8. Peter A Says:



  9. Foo Says:

    Well, I think we should do a best of the worst.

    Or maybe “The Biggest Loser”

    When do you reckon this will happen?

    Maybe I should stop worrying, watch the frickin’ Christmas special, finish the last two Torchwood eps and then get stuck into the first two eps of Who. Man I’m slack! But my Beneath the Surface and Destiny of the Daleks DVDs arrived today :-)

  10. Peter A Says:

    And interview Dave for RTP, Foo!

    I thought we could maybe start Monster Mash 1.5 around the midway point assuming this series has a brief ‘lull’ about there. If nothing else it gives those who can’t get the finale that quickly something else to read and participate in on the blog, eh.

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