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So we come to it  – the last great battle of our time!

Above the Great Arena, whose sands are bleached white to intensify the blood, float two teams who have beat every obstacle to come this far – the future chldren of the Master and one-time bogeymen of Gallifreyan culture, the Toclafane, and the millennial time warriors, cloned and bred for war – the Sontarans.

Sontarans get their last chance to play their Wild Card, and while it’s no behemoth or leviathan, their increased arsenal of meson cannons, battle platforms and computer nativation might be enough to not only equalise the game, but tip it in their favour agains the Toclafane’s rapid, erratic and destructively mad dash to the finish line.

…or will it?

Over to you. You have 24 hours to vote!

12 Responses to “Monster Mash – Grand Final.”

  1. the_other_dave Says:

    Arrgh – it’s all gone itallic! or is it just me?

    The wildcard seems like a desperate attempt to get the almost unstopable toclafane kicked into touch (they beat the axons don-cher-know). A long and bloody contest but my money is on the Sontarans, slow plodding military might and strategy, just piping out the giggling crazies with guns.

    (though if the rumours are true I may be answering differently in a few weeks :) )

  2. Thad Ritchards Says:

    A final that is very grand, isn’t it? Have to agree with Dave about trying to level the playing field here… but it’s still not an easy call!
    The Toclafane have been presented as rather unbeatable, whereas the Sontarans are prone to getting diced (and flambeed!) and have that wee probic vent problem…
    On the other hand, the Sontarans are a military might and the Toclafane just run around like decapitated chickens…

    Argh! With the wildcard, the Sontaran are the threat, but the Toclafane have bobbing and weaving and force fields on their side…

    It’ll be with heavy losses on their side, but I think the military mind will ultimately prevail against the unorganised chaos.

  3. the_other_dave Says:

    Of course if the Tochlafane pulled out their wildcard (ARSTER MANAGAM) then things would be totally different.

  4. Alden Says:

    I think Sontaran sharpshooting and weaponry will be able to take out the Toclafane no problem at all.

  5. Timb Says:

    Aw man I missed the deadline oh well :(

  6. the_other_dave Says:

    Tim – still some time left! Who have you got!?

  7. Jono Says:

    Oh it’s so much more fun if the finals are close to the wire, but alas I have to say that the Sontarans have it. I just see them being irritated by the Toclafane more than anything, and wouldn’t really take that long to bring the kids into line.

  8. Peter A Says:


    Tim – you’ve got today too (plonker) – and an extra hour courtesy of Peter Dunne. Lucky you!

    And Jono – I’m going to give this one to the Toclafane, if only to balance things out. They’re smaller, they’re more manouverable, and they don’t play by the rules.

    So where are Al and Foo…?

  9. Al Says:

    Here I am!

    The Toclafane were devastating in a surprise attack, but they’re up against a prepared, highly experienced and heavily armed enemy this time.
    The Sontarans will pocket every single one of those balls, and take the tournament!

  10. Timb Says:

    Right okay, Toclafane it is

    Thanks P :D

  11. Foo Says:

    Well, in the end, there can be only one. Yes, one.

    Despite what the Sontarans lead you to believe, only one Sontaran survived the battle with the ‘fane. And it was Linx (son of THE Linx) who was left standing. With the fizzing floating heads lying in disarray, Linx was truly able to honour his clone father memory. We left out heads skyward and celebrate Linx, the bestest Sontaran of them all.

    Until the “Mike the cool person” enters the room…

    Sontarans win (with one clone standing)

  12. jpreddle Says:

    The Tochlafane can stick their little pointy bits into the Sontarans probic vents – so I guess the little balls get my vote.

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