Monster Mash: Semi-Finals


It’s Semi-Final time! And it appears Mr Pertwee was right when he modestly claimed that his monsters were best. Three out of four semi-finalists in this round are from his Golden Era. And it would have been a clean sweep too, if it wasn’t for those pesky Toclafane. We don’t get the Sontaran/Rutan clash some might have expected, but at least one of the teams made it through. Let’s see what we’re up with:

Location: The Clifftops
Teams: Toclafane v Ogrons
It’s on! The big match of the whole semi-final! Both teams undefeated, and let’s not forget – the Toclafane might be able to fly, might have crafty wee blades all over them, but the Ogrons have guns! That’s right.  And not only that, but they have another ace up their sleeve, because baby – it’s their Wild Card round, and they’ll never have another encounter more fitting to pull out their biggest weapon…

The Shapeless Beast of Raagh!!
A bulk the size of several bears, its lipless mouth quivers, its skin glistens like wet leather, it is the terror that knows no name, and today it’s at the Ape-men’s beck and call. But will it be enough…?

 Initiative goes to the Toclafane. Good luck kids!

Location: The Jetty
Teams: Sea Devils v Sontarans
The Warriors of the Deep face the Warriors from the Stars. Both packing their own kind of heat. Initative goes to the Sea Devils – who’s for an early bath?

Voting deadline for this round is midnight Wednesday.

Pray-sa Your Bets – Naowr!

10 Responses to “Monster Mash: Semi-Finals”

  1. the_other_dave Says:

    1, Will it be enough…. no. Looks like the Ogrons luck runs out.
    (err don’t the Toclafane have guns as well, they shot the president didn’t they? Or did they?)

    2, Jetty hmmm: Like before, with the water at their backs not sure if the clone army have an edge, Spudo -o- flippero. Fish and chips anyone?

  2. Peter A Says:

    Yes Dave – but who did you have win out of the Sontarans vs Sea Devils?

    And yup, Toclafane have nasty disintegrating laser beam things.

  3. Thad Ritchards Says:

    Toclafane v Ogrons
    Okay, so the Ogrons have themselves a large mass on their side… they’re still facing bobbing, weaving, force-shielded, crazy balls of spinning death. Bye bye monkeys, you were doing so well.

    Sea Devils v Sontarans
    The Sea Devils have more range of movement, and they get to go first. I’m giving the win to the other fish people.

  4. the_other_dave Says:


    Bit stuck on this one. Head says Sontarans, heart says Sea Devils….

  5. Timb Says:

    - Toclafane
    - Sea Devils

    That was easy ;)

    PS Would like to take this opportunity to give a shout out to the new REM album – good return to form fellas! :D

  6. Peter A Says:

    I have Al’s picks…

    …but I’m not going to put them up just yet. I want to see if he can register with the site first >:)

  7. Al Says:

    Hello Doctor Zeus!
    Thanks Peter and Alden, and apologies to everyone else who’s had to suffer posts about my now-remedied registration dysfunction.

    Down to business:

    Ogrons vs Toclafane

    How did it come to this? Emotionally-undeveloped heads vs intellectually-challenged apes.
    The mighty Ogron-eating monster wipes the helpless Toclafane from the skies, and gallumphs onward to overcome all opposition and win the entire competition.
    No, but seriously: this time it’s a tsunami-like turn of tide against the Ogrons – a monkey massacre, and their ‘fearsome’ bouncy castle’s going down with them. Now if only the Ogrons had their ‘employers’ backing them up instead …

    Sea Devils vs Sontarans

    Once again, who’d have thought it? Trolls vs turtles. If it becomes a marine engagement the Sea Devils will have the advantage, but I’m betting the only way it will end up in the water is when the Sontarans blast whatever’s left of the sorry reptiles back into it. You don’t build an interstellar empire by being concerned about narcoleptic terrapins.
    Another glorious Sontaran victory!

  8. Foo Says:

    No witty banter this evening I am afraid.

    First battle – the Toclafane win.

    Second battle – the Sontarans win.

  9. Alden Says:

    The Toclafane are too fast and whizzy for the Ogrons to hit. The Master’s balls are triumphant again!

    Sontarans vs Sea Devils… I’m presuming as in the picture that these are the combat division Sea Devils from WOTD and not the cannon fodder from their intro story, so it’s going to be closer than first appearances suggest. However I think Sontaran battle experience will win out.

  10. Peter A Says:

    I believe that Children are our Future. Twisted insane ones with hoverpods and frickin’ laser beams on their heads. Ogrons on the other hand, are history.

    Sontarans versus Sea Devils? I called this with the Menoptra – once again, literally shooting fish in a barrel.

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