Fast Return: March 2008


For the love of dog will someone explain why people re-post general series news on the NZDWFC Message Board? Seriously guys – do you think we don’t read any other pages on the Internet? Is the Doctor Who News Page a foreign country to us all? What do you think you’re adding – local insight? Stop! Now! Arrgh!

Eh? He’s going to sell his collection of Doctor Who memorabilia including the TARDIS, Cyberman and K9 he meticulously spent several years building from scratch? Tch – back in the old days any self-respecting born-again would have consigned the lot to the incinerator in the back yard. Go on, mate – burn those rare 1960s annuals! Burn them!
(thanks again to Alden for the link)

In development hell for three years, BBV has finally unleashed its long-awaited spin-off ripe for a new family market boosted by the original series’ return. Well, in this case ‘Family’ means dads and adolescent lads, but what’s a little full-frontal nudity good for if not advancing the plot, eh? What’s that you say – publicity? Not for us to say, guv…

Actually for a change it hasn’t! Which is good now that April’s nearly among us (at least someone doesn’t still think it’s Christmas). So now we’re onto another riveting full-page update on events so closely aligned to the series - Stacy and Bradley from Eastenders.
Er, excellent.

Are you sure about that mate? Fans of Torchwood who loved the carnival action of Out of the Rain but yearn still for some more past-life detail on Captain Jack could do worse than check out this feature including ‘evidence’ of one of John Barrowman’s own past lives, courtesy of the great Charlie Brooker. Scary. [May not be safe for work]

You might have missed this. If you didn’t don’t worry – there are still plenty of Toby and Grandma Noface dolls for anyone wishing to front up with the recently adjusted monies ($19 again if you’re interested).

Ever since someone stuck an alligator in a shell-suit and called it an Ice Warrior we’ve all been entranced by alternative designs for DW monsters. Niklas Jansson from Itch Studios had a go at this last year, concentrating on some of the more innovative original designs of the 60s monsters. You can find them here. Nice Cyberman!


Well, if we’re talking a brilliant mash-up between Benny Hill, Eminem and the whole damned series so far, then… yes.

9 Responses to “Fast Return: March 2008”

  1. Thad Ritchards Says:

    <slowly puts up hand> Uh… I don’t read the Doctor Who News Pages…

  2. the_other_dave Says:

    The alternative monsters rock!

    Um, yeah, I don’t go to the news pages either… but mainly coz I don’t want too…

  3. Timb Says:

    I don’t read ‘em either :P

  4. Foo Says:

    Well, I am guilty of occasionally posting news from OG on the NZDWFC site. However, I usually do it if there is something that people have been posting about earlier or something quite exciting. For instance, the recent confirmation of four specials in 2009 not three as reported earlier. Yah, might be splitting hairs on that, but an increase in Who by 33% is good (despite the cut). I always try and avoid spoilers too unless marked.

  5. Paul Scoones Says:

    Sorry, I don’t see anything wrong in posting news on the NZDWFC message board that’s appeared elsewhere. I believe it does actually serve a purpose, as sometimes this spawns a discussion on the board about the news item. Sometimes I see the news on the message board before I’ve read it elsewhere as I usually visit the NZDWFC site more frequently than any other DW-related website.

  6. the_other_dave Says:

    Hmmmm, Zygon’s…. nude…..

    Am I missing the point? :)

  7. Al Says:

    A nice selection of monthly goodies as ever, Peter!
    Loved the alternative monster designs – something some of us have tried ourselves from time to time?
    But I do have to wonder if Ice Warriors really are just bald men with no noses under those helmets ;)
    Never mind, lets hope Neil Gorton gets a go at our favourite Martians before too long…

  8. DarrellP Says:

    I post news that I find really interesting on the NZDWFC new series board so that we can discuss it. I find it interesting to see what fans that I know (which are mainly those in NZ and at some time have been part of the NZDWFC and probably still are) think of news about the new series of DW. Discussing stuff like news is the point of a discussion board afterall. Instead of moaning about it, why not post a reply and make the message board a more interesting place than it is at the moment. Too many lurkers and not enough discussion to be honest.

  9. Peter A Says:

    …which is fine if one is actually adding a viewpoint to what one is ‘reporting’. If all one is doing is just repeating a news item that’s available elsewhere then what’s the point – where’s the ‘hook’ to actually get the conversation going?

    I agree that discussion has its place, but just putting news up for what it is is little better than lurking. ZeusBlog posts news as well, but here it comes with a by-line, or it’s little use to anyone. It’s been that way since the blog was a pubzine.

    BTW, welcome Darrell – nice to have you dropping in!

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