Monster Mash: Quarter Final


Ladies and Gentlemen – here are your final eight!

The following monsters have prove their mettle in numerous arenas with several bouts between them. Undefeated, they will face one another to see who gets through to the final four and the semi-finals this time next week. The first team announced for each bout is awarded initiative.Let’s play…

Location: The Desert
Teams: Cheetah People vs Ogrons
The Cheetah People are back on their horses! Apex predators who hunt in packs with great speed and skill against the aforementioned monkeys with guns. On foot. Thoughts?

Location: The Pinnacles
Teams: Axons vs Toclafane
A gestalt being which absorbs energy and organic matter and delivers fatal plasma strikes against insane flying cyborgs with their own built-in forcefield. What do you think?

Location: The Crater Lake
Teams: Sea Devils vs Rutans
Both have an affinity for water and neither like heat very much. The Sea Devils have a range weapon while the Rutan deliver their shock largely by touch. Neither are great shakes in a cross country event. So…?

Location: The Standing Stones
Teams: Ice Warriors vs Sontarans
It’s another battle between heavily-armoured warrior races! Will the Ice Warriors be out-manouevered by the Trolls from Sontar, or will the taller team win? Over to you!

 Voting as usual is via the feedback form below. Let’s get this party started!

17 Responses to “Monster Mash: Quarter Final”

  1. Timb Says:

    First post :D

    -Cheetah People
    -Sea Devils
    -Ice Warriors

  2. Thad Ritchards Says:

    Argh! Now we are getting tough!

    Cheetah People vs Ogrons
    Cheetah are fleet of (horse) foot, but in this case I’m going to have to go with ranged weapons as both are fairly fierce. So win to monkeys over cats.

    Axons vs Toclafane
    I’m going for the Tocla making sushi out of the Axon with those blades… (albeit major losses on their side)

    Sea Devils vs Rutans
    Nasty slog, but I think the Sea Devils will eventually deal to the jello

    Ice Warriors vs Sontarans
    Two fairly war-based races, but I think the mighty Sontaran empire is (eventually) going to kick ice-butt (certainly terrain aint helping the Martians).

  3. Alden Says:

    I’m with Thad – this is getting tricky. :)

    Cheetah People vs Ogrons: guns beat claws. The Ogrons win, but I suspect it’ll be for the last time.

    Axons vs Toclafane: Axons are immune to bullets, and I suspect Toclafane energy weapons, given that they’re energy vampires. Axons win!

    Sea Devils vs Rutans: I’m sure the Sea Devils have had plenty of practice against jelly fish. The only danger is that the Rutan may drain all the power out of their weapons. Sea Devils win.

    Ice Warriors vs Sontarans: both great enemies, but I think the Sontarans pip the Ice Warriors on military experience.

  4. Peter A Says:

    Who’s that struttin’ down the street? Why helloooo Mister Hughes!

    Al saith:

    Cheetah People versus Ogrons

    Who ever thought the Ogrons would get this far? And whoever thought they’d win their third round? Well, I do – the Daleks knew what they were doing recruiting these chaps. But I’m a cat lover, so I hope the kitties will use those horses to high tail it out of there.

    Axons versus Toclafane

    The Toccers can be neutralised by lightning strikes, which Axons will happily provide, while it still remains to be seen if the blobbies can be affected by force at all.

    It will be a kick in the balls for the Toclafane.

    Sea Devils versus Rutans

    I’d back the Sea Devils on land, but over-all I think the Rutans are just too devious and elusive an enemy to be overcome by turtle power this time.

    Another blobby win.

    Ice Warriors versus Sontarans

    So evenly matched that this may come down to exploiting each other’s weaknesses. The Ice Warriors tendency to swoon in pleasant warmth may put them at a disadvantage against the tough little clones, whose only weaknesses appear to be a little hole at the back of their necks and having to appear in The Two Doctors.

    A hissy fit won’t help the Martians when the Sontarans put the heat on them.

  5. Peter A Says:

    WordPress seems to be giving Dave gyp, so here are his picks:

    1, Artillery beats cavalry – historical precident. And yet another win for the Ogrons in a streak of luck having them face off against more primitive/less hostile enemies.

    2, Axons v Toclafane – oh balls. My money is on the spheres, if only because of their experience in dealing with energy dissipation and entropy at the end of time.

    3, Seas Devils v Rutans – sad as I am to say it, vast military empire on one hand – people who cannot set their alarms on the other. Blobby blobby blobby.

    4, Ice Warriors v Sontarans – despite the above match, I think Sontarans may be over-rated this match. Their strength has always been one of numbers and the impossibly large clone army. One on one, or even in small groups I’n not convinced they have anything over the Ice Warriors. If sonics match disruptors, then swords and heavy body armor beat silly space helmets and probic vents.

  6. the_other_dave Says:

    Is it working now?

  7. the_other_dave Says:

    Ah, so it is. Not sure what was going on there – couldn’t log on or post for two days (tried different machines and all). Now my post comes up with a note that it need to be moderated. Is this anew word press thing and if it isn’t just me has it put any punters off…?

  8. Alden Says:

    Dave: It’s set so if you’ve never commented before, your first comment has to be approved (I do this to avoid spammers). Now that I’ve approved your comments, you should be able to comment without going into the moderation queue.

    I’m not sure why you wouldn’t have been able to log in. I haven’t seen any problems with the site.

  9. Peter A Says:

    Would this be why Al’s not been able to post as well? He’s never been able to log on.

  10. the_other_dave Says:

    Alden said:

    “Dave: It’s set so if you’ve never commented before, your first comment has to be approved (I do this to avoid spammers). Now that I’ve approved your comments, you should be able to comment without going into the moderation queue.”

    Hmm, but I have commented before, repeatedly and annoyingly in some cases :) Why does the system think I need moderation now? (Is someone trying to tell me something??)

  11. Foo Says:

    Cheetah people all the way. They’ll hunt those stinky apes down and rend the flesh from their bones.

    Axons will belt the Day of the Living Heads clear through the air. Axons win.

    Rutans. Ain’t that the truth. Zip zap the Devils will be flat.

    I knew it would come to this. Two races who love to fight. I predict this could be the tightest and most equally fought battle so far. Assuming the fight is a combination of ranged and hand to hand (and that the Ice Warriors have swords) then it’s going to be a Cold Day in Hell for the Sontarans. Ice Ice Baby – win to the Warriors.

  12. Foo Says:

    Out of interest, when the Ice Warriors eventually do make it into the new series (a special next year or in series 5), do you think we will see them with swords?

  13. Peter A Says:

    Right. My turn then.

    Ah… Cheetah People vs Ogrons. Guns, people! They don’t kill folks, damned dirty apes behind them do. The Ogrons have had a sweet ride in this game, going up against two foes so far who haven’t had equivalent firepower (they could just as easily have been… Vogans). The Cheetah People don’t have guns either, but they have horses, speed and brains. I reckon all they need to do is run one Ogron down and grab its gun. Can they do it? Well you’ve already voted them out, so it makes no difference, but I think so.

    Axons vs Choc-a-block-a-Toclafanes
    Tie-breaker! The Axons have been damned-near unbeatable too in this game, given their ability to suck the life out of every bout they’ve been in. But I reckon they’ve met their match with the Toclafane, and the Tocs’ speed, forepower and edge-of-insanity will win out. Death to the spaghetti people!

    Sea Devils vs Rutans. Another tie. Through this game the Rutans have slimed Judoon who could easily have identified them with their scanners and obliterated them with their blasters, and Racnoss who – well, we never were quite sure what they could do. Get stuck in someone’s bath maybe. We forget that for their mighty morphability and shocking electricks, Leela took one Rutan down with a home-made rocket launcher and some shrapnel. The Sea Devils, already accustomed to wrangling electric beasties, will pulverise them.

    Ice Warriors and Sontarans. The trickiest one yet, maybe. The Ice Warriors have the moves, the Sontarans have the speed. The Martians have sonics and swords, the Sontarans have gunsticks. Ice Warriors got initiative… I think they’ll win the first round – but the Sontarans will make a devastating comeback (sniff).

  14. Alden Says:

    Dave: You haven’t changed your email address or something, have you? :)

    Peter: Al hasn’t got an account here. Has he not been able to register at all?

  15. the_other_dave Says:


    Yeah, but back BB (before baby) so it’s been at least 4 months – time becomes a bit of a blur. Could be the problem, but why fall over now?

  16. Peter A Says:

    Ald – Al says he’s tried to log in and just keeps getting password denied messages. I think he just needs an account!

  17. Alden Says:

    Dave: It doesn’t look like you’d commented with the new email address until recently. Your comments dated March 19th and earlier all have your old email address on them.

    Peter: the more the merrier! :)

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