A Stitch in Time


The worlds of Doctor Who and knitting don’t often collide, it has to be said; but when they do you know you’re in for something quite magnificent. The Fourth Doctor’s scarf is an obvious candidate, but we forget the other lesser-known additions to this shared canon that are owed their rightful place, like the appearance of the Clangers in The Sea Devils - those wonderful pink-yarned creatures clearly coveted by the Master. And rightly so.

When Doctor Who fandom (even casual fandom) and Craft 2.0 collide in the real world it’s even more fun, because it’s a good example of creativity meeting imagination, and something we can appeciate in three dimensions; it’s tactile, it’s irresistably domestic, and when you combine the velvety goodness of wool with the angular worlds of Doctor Who’s TARDIS, you get something as cool as this:


Isn’t it a beauty? Click here to see more views of this creation by Christchurch’s crafty Pixelbrid. Better still, if you register with instructables.com you can vote for the TARDIS in the current competition and pass a few more virtual props on to its creator. Don’ be swayed by the Princess Leia hair helmet – this is the real deal!


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