The Weevil Dead

Dead Mand Walking
So in this episode Toby… I mean, Owen is taken over by Satan… I mean, Death and gains control over the Ood… I mean, Weevils. This is an entirely original episode with no links from any other episodes (*cough* Killed by Death *cough*), and the little girl doesn’t remind us of a certain creepy girl in Wolfram&Hart at all. Completely… 100%… original…

Expect for Owen, of course, as we’ve never seen anyone come back from Death before… *d’oh*! He’s peered into the darkness and seen something waiting… I really hope that that weeny Death wasn’t the real “big bad” that Jack saw (which was probably Abaddon anyway) as, as I said, that Death is really weeny and not worth the effort. Although points for spouting words from Thomas Covenant! (Shout out to Stephen Donaldson, best writer ever… although I didn’t recognise the words myself, it’s been a while since I read the books.) At least RTD… I mean, Matt Jones has taste in where he rips things from.

And this Death can intimidate the Weevils! Or was in Owen, following on from Fight Club… I mean, Combatand now coming to the fore again? Probably the writer was just trying to make DeathOwen impressive, by going up against a lot of Weevil. A really big lot of Weevil. All with their own outfits… which come from where, exactly? Do they have their own denim supply store back in their own dimension? Are the Weevils fashion conscious? And presumably there’s the matter of laundry… these questions must be answered! Or not thought about, that works too…

Aside from bringing Owen back, the rest of the episode is a lot of a fizzler. Here’s hoping the arc can only get better.


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  1. the_other_dave Says:

    “… little girl ripped off from Wolfram and Hart”..?

    No, no, no, nothing could be further from the truth… she was ripped off from Life on Mars, get it right. I did like the face grabbing glove attack though, haven’t seen anything like that since, oh, Rose is suppose.

  2. Thad Ritchards Says:

    I was too busy flashing back to Hand of Fear (which I had seen more recently) to flash back to Rose.

  3. Foo Says:

    As usual, a few months (or weeks) behind…actually exactly one month. Have just seen this and really dug it. Yeah, it has many influences (or rips off many other sources) but I still thought it was pretty damn good. Few naff bits here and there but all in all, niiiice.

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