Tip-toeing into the new year


It’s 2008, and the series and fandom is swinging slowly toward Doctor Who‘s 45th anniversary. Russell T Davies has promised a great series cliffhanger ostensibly to mark the event, although some might note with concern that the word “fanwank” was used by him to describe it.  Indeed, there seems to be a significant number of fans viewing the promised series finale with its confirmed returning companions, rumoured villains and speculated links with next year’s TV specials with no small amount of circumspection. You can see also on the Doctor Who Forum the existential questions being formed along the lines of: what do the ‘Not We’ (non-fans) think of x?

It’s nothing that new, but recently this divination of audience figures and reviews seems to be more cautiously oriented towards the opinions of the general public and major dailies rather than the usual SF media. Need it be said that at the end of the day and despite our enthusiasm for the series, we know full well that its fate is not ultimately in our hands. Perhaps an all-star finale for this year will be every bit as succesful if not moreso than the patchy ratings darling Voyage of the Damned, and maybe that’s all that matters in the larger scheme of things? Beyond the immediate future lies the likelihood of a new production team, with Phil Collinson having already doffed his hat in farewell. The series has so far survived a change of lead and a change of companion; the inevitable challenge must now be a change of producer. When that occurs we may have an answer.

For now though, welcome back to the blog. There have been some changes for the new year. After co-editing Zeus Blog for 2007 and being the driving force behind Zeus Plug, Jono has announced his plans to leave New Zealand for the UK in April, and has stood down from blogging duties. Joking aside, I and the other regular contributors will miss his presence – although it’s strange to be writing this in the knowledge that in the online world London really is no farther away than Auckland, or even the other side of town.

Despite one’s best efforts though, blogs can sometimes be quite static things, and as one-sided as a lot of Web media, something we’d like to address in some new features. Zeus Blog will continue to review the new series as well as Torchwood and the Sarah Jane Adventures; Fast Return will remain as well as the occasional editorial, but with Battle of the Seasons now finally complete it’s time for a new head-to-head competition. This time the votes will be open to you the reader, and so the search for the ultimate winner can be something we’ll all be able to participate in and enjoy together. The new competition starts in February, and it’ll be Monstrous!


6 Responses to “Tip-toeing into the new year”

  1. the_other_dave Says:


    Well, someone has pitched this for crystal ball every year, so I suppose this time it may as well be me:

    Upcoming cliffhanger (after the success of similar last year) and hidden behind the hype of the multiple companion fest (like the daleks were behind the Cybermen series 2) – the reason Rose is able to get back from the parallel universe – because she finds the alternative universe Doctor to bring her. Expect some evil/past/doppelganger Doctor sometime in June

  2. Peter A Says:

    Good Lord. I do take comfort that the show managed to dodge that particular plot device (despite the efforts of Mr Hartnell) for 26 years.

    If that actually comes to pass I’ll be grabbing my leather jacket and water skis!

  3. the_other_dave Says:

    I didn’t say it was a *good* idea – just one that rings a bit true for me with the way RTD cages his reveals.

    That said, it may not be _that_ bad, if done well, but it would be a good idea for an article. Could any other readers suggest thematically plausible ideas that would have fans switching off in droves (but possibly to greater “not we” acclaim)?


  4. Paul Scoones Says:

    How about Astrid returning as an ethereal spirit made of stardust who hovers on the Doctor’s shoulder and offers him words of sweet encouragement in times of need? After the ratings success of the latest Xmas special, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s talk of upping the feelgood factor and getting Kylie back in pronto…!

  5. Adam McGechan Says:

    A couple of newspapers are already claiming she has signed to come back.

  6. Peter A Says:

    Auuuuggghhh! All of this would be bearable if it Wasn’t. So. Plausible!!!

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