2007 in Review


2007. It was a game of two halves. We began the last twelve months in Cardiff and walked the globe with Martha and journeyed to the end of all time or something like that with Jack and the Doctor’s hand. Peter came back for char-i-dy, Kylie saved Her Madge and got a honour for her efforts, and Dalek Sec became a cover model for the Radio Times. TSV turned twenty, RTP! turned ten, and Outpost Gallifrey turned into Doctor Who News, apparently. But what for Fast Return were the most interesting things to take place in 2007?

Well, don’t expect miracles. Instead, here’s a selection of things that slipped through our net. It’s all here, after the jump:

The year began traditionally, with January. January saw the finale of Torchwood, with an invasion from another dimension, the apparent ‘death’ of a lead character, a faithful female companion, a Messianic resurrection and an act of forgiveness. We’d not see the like of it again in 2007.

Speaking of things we didn’t see coming, 2007 was the third year in a row where the tabs and paps got the jump on The Rusty Masterplan and revealed the star villain of the series ooh – months in advance. Who’s to blame? Is it that pesky ‘BBC Insider’ again? Is it because the series is now made in Wales, which takes the leek as its national symbol (obviously that’s more of a read-aloud joke), or is there something in the fact that the Producer claims never to visit the online forums for fear of the ‘loneliness’? Odd that, considering that’s clearly where much of the press is getting its scoops from!

Totally Doctor Who, the tie-in series that even the seven-year old child of a friend of ours couldn’t sustain a viewing habit of, was er, off, this year. Instead and as promised it was spinoffs akimbo with the New Adventures of Old Sarah Jane. It went down like fried gold, apparently, and will likely return, proving that there’s still a market for children’s TV and a disturbing number of adult enthusiasts who’ll submit it to rigorous fan analysis.

But it wasn’t all good news last year, as we bade farewell to some establishments of the wider series and its fandom, losing such figures as Verity Lambert, Peter Haining and blog articles by Jono Park.

November also saw double local publishing birthdays, as TSV turned 75 and also twenty. Current fans have been born within the lifetime of TSV and are now old enough to contribute to it (but aren’t) and to drink (so why isn’t it a pubzine yet?). QuasiTorchwoodzine RTP turned 25 and also ten and we promise this is the last time we’ll go on about it. Fans born within the lifetime of this zine are old enough to contribute to it and nearly old enough to read it (except for those Sexual Adventures of Doctor Who articles we suppose).

The sky fell in during the latter half of the year when it was announced that Catherine Tate/Kylie Minogue had been given the role of interim companion, Billie was returning to the series after shedding any threat of a Katy Manning-styled typecast career by shedding her clothes, and the Doctor himself was to spend 2009 Hamming it up in a Gap Year. We’re not allowed to call it that though as so far as we know the four telemovies probably won’t involve a story where he gets a job working in a Queenstown cafe “for the scenery” and blows his money on booze, road trips to Gore and an economy return trip home at the end of it. At news of this, fandom did what it does best, which is pretty much nothing constructive. Although Kasterborous’ fit of ‘pique performance’ was rather amusing.

 And of course Christmas saw the now traditional first-half of next series teaser trailer, and with it, an implied heavy UNIT presence for 2008. “Hooray!” you might say if you were the Producer and this was actually no surprise to you at all. Naturally this evidence prompted many online fans to clamour for the Brigadier’s return – and oddly, an equal many calling for his death as well. Ah, bless.

Here’s to an even more interesting 2008!

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