Ho Ho Ho-oooope!


Was it the Rolling Stones who once sang ‘you can’t always get what you want’? Yes Peter, it was. Be that as it may, we here at ZeusBlog Terraces say there’s no harm in a little festive hand-wringing, and in the spirit of all those packs of handkerchiefs consigned to the bottom drawer of last year’s Christmas presents, we say – why not hope for the best, even if it’s a hope against hope? ‘Where there’s hope there’s life’, as the Third Doctor could have said (but didn’t), and so with thoughts of life in the old new series yet, we present a few choice snippets from our wish list to Santa for 2008:

Al writes:

“My Christmas wish is that Series 4 can do for the Sontarans what Series One did for the Daleks. Don’t treat them with over-familiarity – that only breeds contempt.  This is an opportunity to give a ‘classic monster’ a fresh new start and show the Nu-Who viewers why us old buggers loved them so much.  Granted, the press call for the new look Sontarans was a bit of a mis-fire, but I’m betting they’ll look a lot better in the flesh.  So don’t weigh them down with pointless continuity (I’m looking at you, Rutans) or allow the script to be written by someone who is well over them(Sorry Mr Holmes, you were brilliant in most other cases). Let’s have more Linx then Stor, more Styre than Stike, in a thrilling adventure in time and space!”

As for me I say:

“I’d like a new story arc please. The previous ones have been good, but they’re starting to get a bit whiskery, and with the promise of [REDACTED] returning to the series and the knowledge that one solitary surviving Cult of Skaro Dalek out there could still spoil things for everyone, and that there’s probably a bit more about the Time War we could hear about despite the angsty Northern Doctor leaving the show for good – not to mention that Ring, I reckon it’s time for a new direction – particularly if as suggested recently, [REDACTED] might be thinking of moving on soon. So, that and giant robots, please.”

Finally from us, here’s Jamas:

“Stephen Fry. I don’t care if he writes an episode or stars in one or… whatever, just get this man associated with this programme! There are not words enough to describe how necessarily and brilliant this obvious move would be. The production team tried for Series Two, but managed to shoot themselves in the foot before getting too far into sensibility. This is Stephen Fry we are talking about! Why hasn’t he appeared already? Come on, people, I’m sure I’m not the only one wanting to see a large bulging package under the tree this year…”

So what about you, readers? Yours please…


4 Responses to “Ho Ho Ho-oooope!”

  1. the_other_dave Says:

    Ohhh, a christmas Who QI… a WhoI if you like :)

    Sod it, what do I want for Xmas – no more robot santas thank you very much!

  2. Peter A Says:

    Dave you don’t need to limit it to the Christmas special… have another go. For free :)

  3. Foo Says:

    I’m not after much for Christmas, but these three might be quite big asks…

    1)A brilliant Christmas episode. While I have ambivalent feelings on the two Christmas episodes to date (and indeed, prefer The Runaway Bride to The Christmas Invasion), I think that third time round will work a charm. If not, I can at least say that the trailer for Voyage of the Damned looks damn good anyway!

    2)Torchwood. Good Torchwood. Really good Torchwood. The only way is up, and I want Torchwood S2 to be a lot better then the first series. Will it? Well, I guess we will know in 4 weeks or so. Ratings of the second series, may decide on whether we see a third (unless that decision has already been made).

    3)Time. I don’t seem to have enough time these days and I blame work! During the time away from work, I hope I have the time to watch the Sarah Jane Adventures. Yes, shock horror. I have not had time to watch any of these yet – even the pilot which came out waaaaaaaay ages ago. I hope the SJA’s will be the perfect way to while away some of summer time.

  4. rtpeditor Says:

    I wouldn’t mind the series having a go at a season without an arc. I feel that without the need to link together or build up to something, we might get a really good season finale rather than the shopping lists of the past three seasons.

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