Kroton and on and on!

Release the Kroton!

The Krotons is one of my [JE’s] favourite stories of all time, and that alone means it should be released on DVD (although that’s not likely for any time soon, given the current focus on completing seasons). There are some great performances in this story by all the actors, Philip Madoc makes an appearance, and Wendy Padbury avoids flashing her knickers is a rare moment of modesty.

And there are the Krotons themselves. Whilst not mentioned as often as the Quarks, they still get mocked by the fans, and yet their costumes are rather good… at least the top half, the lower half are just pants… or rather, a bad cardboard skirt, but still. They are a rather unique enemy in Doctor Who, being largely crystal based, and have managed to set themselves up quite the society.

On the features side, aside from the usual talking heads, this is obviously a perfect point for (another) Robert Holmes documentary, as this is his first story and all. (And maybe an anti-documentary on incidental music?) Another possibility for a decent chance at doing something different, this story was a replacement for the supposed leaving story for Jamie, Dick Sharples’ The Prison in Space, so could develop that into a feature, maybe even a reading (the story summary has been given in DWM), perhaps even read by Frazer Hines? Alternatively, a look at the unmade Robert Holmes story Aliens in the Blood.

4 Responses to “Kroton and on and on!”

  1. rtpeditor Says:

    Here is another hand up voting for the release of The Krotons!

  2. Alden Says:

    Oh yes! Krotons was my first exposure to Troughton, and the first episode is very eerie. Bring them back for the new series too!

  3. Peter A Says:

    Mmm yes, but I’m afraid if Padders isn’t going to be flashing any undergarments this time what will 2Entertain possibly use as a menu sequence for the DVD? I mean, their choice for The Mind Robber alone justified that purchase.

    (Did I just write that out loud?)

  4. jpreddle Says:

    Episode one exists as a 35mm film print, and after VidFire would look absolutely glorious. I can’t wait!

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