The Season 4 Finale?

There’s an awful lot of nonsense sprayed out there in the interwebs. And sometimes there’s the slenderest wafer of truth. Let’s face it – sometimes you NEED a sensible figure to lead you through the minefield of red herrings and fan meanderings, and past the groans, the OMGs and squees of the modern message board. The Fact Controller can do that; he just might take a while longer catching his breath afterwards.

Caution: After the Fold be spoilers. Or not.  

Okay then. This week the Daily Star ‘reported’ the story thusly:

DOCTOR Who bosses are set to call back FOUR of the Time Lord’s favourite assistants – including Billie Piper – for a sensational showdown. The old cast members will be reunited to help the Doc fight evil Dalek creator Davros in an explosive finale to the next series.

Leading the way in the line-up will be Billie (Piper) as Rose Tyler along with the rest of the Tyler family; they will hook up with the Tardis traveller’s latest assistants Martha Jones and Donna Noble. Also on hand to help out the Doc will be his old companion Sarah Jane Smith as well as Torchwood boss Captain Jack Harkness. Even the Time Lord’s dog K-9 will make an appearance.

The TV source said: “This is the daddy of all shows. The writer Russell T Davies really wants to pull out all the stops for the finale next year.”

Nothwithstanding its tabloid connection and the tab mainstay “TV source” (surely as reliable as “BBC Insider”), the story seems to be gaining some traction, not least because it appears to match, if not just compile, some existing rumours, namely:

  • The return of Billie Piper as Rose
  • The appearance of Davros as Season 4′s Big Bad

One might also imagine that crossovers between the Sarah Jane Adventures and Torchwood‘s  most child-friendly characters (Martha and Happy Jack) would be easily achievable. Where things start to get weird for FC is in the ‘extra baggage’ mentioned: K-9? the rest of the Tyler family and possibly Mickey as well?

Grand finales are certainly part of the new series format, and as Alden pointed out on the NZDWFC Message Board, RTD’s preference for style over substance is obvious. It’s also the 45th anniversary in 2008, so if there was ever a time to go all Five Doctors on the show, then we guess this is it.

Piper’s apparent return may be a nudge in the direction towards her apparent featuring in one of the TV specials and/or a feature film also in early rounds of speculation. Given that most of the recent Dalek history has been addressed (besides Movellans), and his brand recognition, Davros seems a likely Big Bad contender. So there doesn’t seem to be as much leverage to de-bunk this rumour yet. Mind you, we were supposed to see the Rani this year too, weren’t we?

But my God, Magnum – that’s a big cast. RTD has said he wouldn’t bring Rose back as it would betray the emotional impact of her departure, but he brought Pete Tyler back. And in lieu of a multi-Doctor story with creaking joints and an assortment of wigs and let out wardrobe, the idea of reuniting so many of the new series staples does seem to fit with RTD’s family-oriented Doctor. Omegadammit – this one has plausible written all over it.


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  1. jpreddle Says:

    To support such a “big” story, I think this will be a three-part epic. Evidence: Graeme Harper is due to direct another three episodes, and RTD is writing three more. Given the success of the last 3-parter, I’d wager they’re going to do it again for 2008.

    And, rather than “The XX Doctors:”, it’s shaping up to be “The XX Companions”!


  2. Peter A Says:

    If Harper is behind the megaphone I’d say it could be as sound as a pound, but I don’t think the new series has really suffered from any director really – the scriptwriting on the other hand, I worry about. It just doesn’t sound like a strong concept, just a predictable scenario: Earth. Under threat. From cybernetic aliens. From out of a hole in the universe. Sort of like Bad Wolf, Army of Ghosts and Sound of Drums…

    There’s a cheeky but equally plausible plot prediction in Behind the Sofa’s blog replies:

  3. Paul Scoones Says:

    I’m amazed and disheartened that fans are so willing to start criticising Russell T Davies’ judgement and ability, all on the basis of a flimsy unsubstantiated press rumour – from the Daily Star of all places! Not exactly the bastion of journalistic integrity, is it?

    Personally I’m treating the whole thing with a healthy dose of scepticism until there’s news from a reliable source.

  4. Jono Says:

    Criticising RTD’s ability and judgement is hardly a new thing… Where have you been the last 3 years?

  5. Paul Scoones Says:

    Well of course I’m well aware of fandom’s propensity to single out Russell’s work on the new series for criticism. It’s understandable when this happens after an episode has been broadcast, but what astounds me is that he’s already copping flak for what is an entirely unsubstantiated (and in my view frankly rather improbable) tabloid rumour.

  6. Thad Ritchards Says:

    You’re just in denial, Paul. :)

    Wish I was…

  7. Paul Scoones Says:

    Not denial, just healthy scepticism.

    Let’s not forget that in January this year there were widespread news reports that Britney Spears had been asked to appear in Doctor Who, playing an army of clones of herself. That turned out to be a complete fabrication by the Daily Star. This latest news report has about as much credibility.

  8. Thad Ritchards Says:

    Surely you remember all those Ice Warriors that were so hyped about in Series 3? Brilliant episodes they were…

  9. Peter A Says:

    Oh come on! Britney clones? Too outrageous. But a finale featuring the current companions in a ‘reunion’ in the series’ 45th anniversary, especially those who have crossover history with the core series that wouldn’t throw the average kiddy into continuity conniptions – this is either diabolically pasted together… or as FC says, plausible.

    For myself I’d regard with “healthy scepticism” rumours of an Eccleston return or genuine multi-Doctor story. What we have here is something that on the face of it couldn’t be easier to achieve if they were all heading off in the evening to do panto together.

  10. Paul Scoones Says:

    I can see this is going to be an interesting thread to revisit next year when the truth will out, one way or the other! :)

  11. Peter A Says:

    That’s the idea! :)

  12. Jono Says:

    It’s like a spontaneous Crystal Ball… actually, we must get around to that soon…

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